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No sinkhole in Trinity this time

With the trouble Trinity has had in recent years with sinkholes, you can’t blame residents for being edgy.

One called The Daily on Monday afternoon to report a new sinkhole at Bell Court and Bell Drive, saying, “Workers are there now.”

Town Clerk Barbara Jones told Ronnie Thomas that a sinkhole was news to her. She contacted Jason Bowling, water and street supervisor.

Jason confirmed a hole in the ground at 22 Bell Court — one that he and two other employees dug.

“They’re working on a water leak,” Barbara said.

City of Light

Two readers called to correct the reference here Wednesday to Paris as the Eternal City.

Rome, they noted, is regarded as the Eternal City. Paris is the City of Light.

“This must be the 100th call you’ve had,” one caller commented.

Not really, but I’m grateful that two took the time to call.

How hot is it?

Glenda Sawyer saw the exaggerations in this column about how dry it is and offered the following about the heat:

  • “It’s so hot the trees are fighting over the dogs.”

  • “It’s so hot we feed our chickens ice cubes so they don’t lay hard-boiled eggs.”

    Preachers duck out

    Decatur Rotary Club has an unwritten rule that speakers may talk past 1 p.m. but members may sneak out before they finish speaking because many of them must return to work.

    Three ministers were among the first to leave a recent meeting that went past quitting time.

    Tom Wright heard Ed Nichols, assistant superintendent of Decatur schools, wonder aloud how the ministers might like members of their congregations leaving when their sermons run long.

    Summer’s too short

    For some students, 76 days of summer vacation aren’t enough.

    On Aug. 9, the first day of school, 8,100 students were enrolled in the Decatur city system. By Tuesday, enrollment had skyrocketed to 8,599.

    Superintendent Sam Houston told the Board of Education that he believes enrollment will continue to increase through Labor Day.

    What caused the almost 500-student increase in four class days?

    “Some folks just like to take a little longer summer,” Sam explained.

    Chicago hot dog

    You may remember the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile from its visit to Decatur a few years ago. As far as we know, it stayed out of trouble with the law here.

    But in Chicago, that Wienermobile or one of its sisters got a $50 ticket recently for parking in a no-parking zone on ritzy Michigan Avenue.

    The 27-foot fiberglass hot dog on wheels did have its hazard lights blinking.

    “The situation was resolved without the use of ketchup, which in Chicago is a big deal,” said Matt Smith of the city’s Streets and Sanitation Department. But he noted that “we have access to tow trucks that could have handled a Polish sausage, not just a hot dog.”

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