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Gambling by speeding to Tunica

If you’re headed to the casino town of Tunica, Miss., on U.S. 72, slow down when you cross from Mississippi into Tennessee.

That advice comes from Laura Taylor of Decatur. She says the speed limit changes abruptly to 45 from 55, with only two “midget signs.”

Laura has a $133 ticket from the town of Piperton, Tenn., to prove that they enforce that speed limit.

It could have been worse, though.

“I won enough in Tunica to pay for my ticket,” Laura says.

Runner gets distracted

Juanita Healy, an organizer of Brooke Hill Run for Awareness, was busy taking time sheets from the runners at 5K and 1-mile runs in Old Decatur on Aug. 25.

Juanita noticed one sheet had a message explaining one of the slower times in the 1-mile run, Michael Wetzel reports.

“The runner wrote ‘Stopped to shop’ on the bottom of her time card,” Juanita said.

The card belonged to Alicia Nails, who covered the mile in 19 minutes, 20 seconds.

A portion of the race route was lined with sidewalk sales and storefronts. The Bank Street Merchants Association co-sponsored the race, which benefited the fight against ovarian cancer.

A day off from questions

Trinity Town Councilman Bruce Sparkman is a stickler for details, and Ronnie Thomas says fellow councilmen often chide Bruce for his in-depth questions.

On Monday, council members were discussing their meeting scheduled for Oct. 8, which is the town’s Columbus Day holiday. Someone suggested canceling the meeting, but then Bruce said he’d be in the Great Smoky Mountains.

“Then, let’s go ahead and have it,” Tony Jones said, to a burst of laughter.

Never at a loss for words, Bruce said, “OK, then I won’t go.”

Mayor Vaughn Goodwin recommended canceling the session and calling a special meeting if needed, to which council members agreed.

Dogs’ summer splash

For the fourth year, dogs in Ramapo, N.Y., will get to swim in the human pools at Spook Rock Park.

The Dog Days of Summer K-9 Pool Party drew more than 250 canines last year, according to The Associated Press.

The purposes — besides fun — are to raise money for animal care and to educate people about dogs. The town stops chlorinating the water for the event because dogs tend to drink the water. Humans aren’t allowed to swim with the dogs.

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