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She taught student's grandma

Thirty-one years of teaching ended this year for Pat Jarman when she discovered she had a third-generation student from one family.

As a new member of the Decatur Beautification Board, she shared that story after one of the members, Jason Gantt, recalled being her student. Paul Huggins covered the meeting.

Pat, who started her career at Lakeside High, taught science at Oak Park Middle School for 26 years.

Last year, when a student said she had taught his grandmother, Pat answered, “You mean your mother.” He said, “No, my grandmother.”

“He was right,” Pat said. “And it was time for me to quit. That was my last year.”

The best-laid plans

After a year of planning for Riverfest, all that’s left to do is pray. With the bands booked and the advertising paid for, only one thing worries Jim Page — rain.

If weather causes a cancellation of Riverfest, the Decatur Jaycees lose all the funds used to schedule the bands and the advertising, says Jim, event coordinator for the Jaycees. The dates are Sept. 21-22 at Ingalls Harbor.

“All we can do now is pray, pray, pray for good weather,” Jim told Catherine Godbey.

Say, can you see ... ?

Neighbors continue to work together to improve the Vestavia Court Subdivision in Southwest Decatur.

On Saturday, the Vestavia Court Homeowners Association dedicated a 35-foot flagpole and an American flag. One of the homeowners donated the flag.

Bill Brunner played the national anthem on his French horn. Frank Smith led the pledge of allegiance, and Joe Holmes led the homeowners in singing “America the Beautiful.” State Rep. Bill Dukes, D-Decatur, and City Councilman Gary Hammon also participated.

Frank said neighbors contributed to the cost of the project and installed the flagpole.

Terrible in Australia

An Associated Press story in The Daily discussed various blunders by a weary President Bush during a speech in Australia.

The first sentence explained that the president “had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” Eric Fleischauer knew the line came from a children’s book, but his elementary-school-teacher wife, Mary Sue, had to remind him how appropriate the allusion was.

The book’s last sentences: “My mom says some days are like that. Even in Australia.”

Front-row worship

Some might find it amusing that two lifetime front-row seats to services at a Miami Beach synagogue were being auctioned on eBay, with bidding opening at $1.8 million.

Anybody who bids on those seats must be serious about worship. A lot of folks are more likely to pay to sit on the back row. But Rabbi Kliel Rose wasn’t necessarily expecting anybody to give that kind of money for the seats. The idea, he said, was to get the attention of Jews who are disconnected from their faith, according to The Associated Press.

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