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Peas, beans? Preferences divide state

A question about Alabamians’ eating habits came up at last week’s Rotary Club of Decatur meeting, Tom Wright says.

Don Wambles, director of the state Farmers Market Authority, noted that Birmingham is the dividing line between pea and bean eater.

South of Birmingham, he said, people prefer field peas. North Alabamians, he said, had rather have snap and rattlesnake beans.

But north or south, people ask for tomatoes and peaches.

Bubba’s not his name

Former Alabama football player Antwan Odom now plays for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans.

He spends the offseason at home in Jasper with his wife and three sons, but says Bayou La Batre in Southwest Alabama is still home to him.

“When people ask me where I’m from, I ask them if they’ve seen the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ and tell them I am from Bubba’s hometown. I grew up around shrimping,” the former all-SEC player told Michael Wetzel.

Asked if he has ever been called “Bubba,” the 6-foot-5, 274-pound defensive end said, “Yeah, sometimes people call me Bubba, but that’s not my name.”

Cautious approach

Antwan is proud of his Southern roots. He says he hopes to ride in a NASCAR car one day and is a fan of John Cena of WWE wrestling.

“I’ve looked in a race car at Talladega, but I’ve never been in one,” he said. “I’ll see how fast and scary it is before I decide if I want to race.”

The Sewells of Selma

Terri Sewell, a lawyer at the Birmingham office of Maynard, Cooper & Gale, spoke on the importance of pride at the Minority Awards Banquet in Decatur, Eric Fleischauer reports.

She recalled meeting Pierre DuPont, a classmate at Princeton University.

Surprised at her lack of reaction, he prompted, “You know, the DuPonts of Delaware.” She faced him and said, “How nice. I’m Terri Sewell. You know, the Sewells of Selma.”

Modern-day icon

If not for Jeff Dunlap’s keen eye, he might have been immortalized on a sign bordering Delano Park’s Trail of History.

When Melanie Dunn, director of the Old State Bank, had Jeff approve drafts of the signs, she placed a picture of him over a picture of Stephen Decatur.

Jeff, director of parks and recreation, noticed the gag.

Now an actual picture of Stephen Decatur adorns the sign, Catherine Godbey reports.

Ssssecurity concerns

It’s not a new concept to use an animal to protect valuables, but Harrod’s Department Store in London took the idea to an extreme, Amy Pollick says.

The store rented a live Egyptian cobra to sit in a display case along with a $120,000 pair of ruby- and diamond-encrusted sandals.

Harrod’s said the venomous snake was used strictly for the Rene Caovilla collection launch, and has been returned to its owner.

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