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Music for your own sweetheart

Being married to a songwriter has its perks.

Decatur songwriter Mike Hilliard, profiled Tuesday in a Living story, has written multiple songs for wife Tracey, and one of them became their wedding song, Danielle Komis Palmer reports.

The song, “Where I’d Begin,” played on the General Jackson showboat in Nashville. They got married onboard.

The dog ate his glasses

Seth Burkett received a lot of laughs when he presented his mangled glasses to the staff at Marx Optical and explained how his dog, Belle, had eaten them.

The mischievous beagle had stolen the glasses off the bathroom vanity and chewed up the frames while Seth was in the shower.

While an employee fitted his lenses into the new frames, Seth’s foggy eyes gradually focused on a giant cardboard cutout of a basset hound. The dog appeared to have its eyes on the new frames.

“Oh, no! I know what you’re thinking,” he said to the picture.

The plush animals and cardboard cutouts around the store were advertisements for Hush Puppies brand eyeglasses.

Star memories

Mack Vinson of Decatur headed back to school in Red Bay for his 60-year class reunion.

He was the class president and valedictorian of the 1947 graduating class at Red Bay High School, which had 27 members.

For Mack, however, an important part of the reunion day was getting to tour the Red Bay Museum, which features memorabilia and gowns of the late country singer Tammy Wynette.

She was from nearby Tremont, Miss., but headed to Red Bay for shopping, movies and visiting relatives.

“That reminded Mack of the time Tammy Wynette came into the audience at Madison Square Garden in New York and gave him a big hug and kiss,” said wife Dorothy Vinson.

Master politician

Retired state Rep. Tommy Carter of Elkmont tells about a visit to Athens by former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

George went in a circle and shook hands with everyone on the square, asking each person how his or her mama and daddy were doing.

“One fellow said, ‘My daddy’s dead,’ ” Tommy told Holly Hollman. “Well, Wallace said he was sorry to hear that.”

George continued his handshaking and inquiries about family.

“He asked a fellow about his daddy and the fellow said, ‘Well, he’s still dead,’ ” Carter said. “He shook the man’s hand twice and didn’t remember. That’s a true story.”

Change for $1 million?

Advice to counterfeiters: Be sure whatever denomination of bill you are trying to pass off actually exists.

A man handed a $1 million bill to a Pittsburgh supermarket cashier, according to The Associated Press.

When the cashier refused it and a manager confiscated it, the man flew into a rage. He evidently didn’t know that the largest bill in circulation is $100.

Police arrested him.

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