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Daughter of miner: Quilt is 'beautiful'

Ann Bennett Merideth of Buckhannon, W.Va., responded to an article about a quilt that a Decatur woman, Rose Brooks, and her sister made commemorating the Sago Mine disaster.

Ann said in an e-mail to Ronnie Thomas that her father, James A. “Jim” Bennett, was one of 12 miners killed in the Jan. 2, 2006, tragedy in Sago, W.Va.

She saw the quilt at Sago Baptist Church and at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, W.Va., where doctors treated Randal McCloy Jr., the lone survivor.

“I truly think it was a beautiful work of art, and I want to thank the two ladies who took time out of their busy lives to have done it,” Ann said. Rose’s sister is Mona Brommer of Denver, N.C.

Daddy’s girl

Ann recalls her father as being “a kind, good-hearted, true man of God, and he loved life to the fullest.

“Daddy is sadly missed by family and friends every day. I will say I am a Daddy’s girl.”

Trip delayed

James Buskey, a state representative from Mobile, came in late to a poverty task force meeting at the Statehouse in Montgomery.

James said he stopped to vote in a Mobile County referendum on whether to allow county roadbuilding funds for infrastructure for the new ThyssenKrupp AG steel plant.

“Hopefully there were a lot of people who were voting,” said Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, who chairs the task force.

“No, there were just a lot of people who wanted to talk,” James replied, according to M.J. Ellington.

A million here ... there ...

City government’s future expenses are not always easy to nail down, Evan Belanger observes.

During a work session, Decatur City Councilman Ray Metzger pointed out that the $1.8 million the city could offer for 44 acres near Point Mallard Park was still well under the cost of some other city projects.

“That’s cheaper than one little old animal shelter,” Ray said in reference to city plans to move the animal shelter to a city-owned building at Wilson Morgan Park. Bids for the project came in about $1 million more than expected.

“So is a license to be a comedian,” responded Council President Billy Jackson before closing the meeting. Ray was the only dissenting vote when the council considered taking out a bond issue to pay for moving the animal shelter.

Defying golf odds

Golf Digest did a study that found the odds of two players in the same foursome getting holes-in-one on the same hole are 17 million to 1.

But Bill Maslowski and Carl Workinger did it in York County, Pa., in a threesome with Steve Fahs at Grandview Golf Course. Bill used a 5-iron on the 152-yard fourth hole, acing it. Carl then did the same thing with a 6-iron, according to The Associated Press.

Steve missed the green. But he and maintenance worker Carl Fry Jr. got to serve as witnesses.

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