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Chicken fans take offering to rebuild

Barry Keith’s Chick-fil-A restaurant burned, but that didn’t put it out of the minds of a group of children.

The young people who attend “God’s Place” worship services on Fridays at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church take up an offering each week, Melanie Smith says.

The group decided it wanted its money to go toward the Decatur restaurant’s rebuilding, said the Rev. Eddie Scheler, pastor, and Teri Dube, director of children’s ministry.

The ministers decided that rather than writing Barry a check, they would present the money in the coins and currency originally given.

“We wanted the Keiths to know it was given from the hearts and pockets of kids,” Eddie said.

The children had given $109.74, when they invited Barry to visit and accept the collection.

Pig personalities

Eight-year-old Sarah Ramey of Hartselle owns two pigs, Runt and Charlotte, that live across the street from her house.

While Charlotte is a bit skittish around people, Runt is more like a puppy.

Danielle Komis Palmer says the large black pig, who is part wild boar, loves it when Sarah scratches him on his back and usually ends up lying happily in the grass, enjoying the attention.

Age appreciation

It wasn’t that Squee Bailey didn’t appreciate an award recognizing her longtime service to the Decatur-Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It was just that the award’s name, Lasting Impressions Award, made her feel her age.

“That’s what happens when you get in your 50s,” Squee joked with the bureau’s board of directors. “... You don’t get those young-professional awards.”

The Alabama Mountain Lakes Association gave her the award, Paul Huggins reports.

So far, so good

Some state-government news reporters received multiple copies of a “prayer” by e-mail, M.J. Ellington reports.

One version came with the suggestion that if political reporters used it as a reminder on how to act, they might increase their chances of getting to heaven. It reads:

“Dear Lord,
“So far today I am doing all right. I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or self-indulgent. I have not whined, complained, cursed or eaten any chocolate. I have charged nothing on my credit card.

“But I will be getting out of bed in a minute, and I will really need your help.”

Dress for success

Unless you’re a wealthy white-collar criminal, it’s probably not smart to wear a Rolex while meeting with your probation officer. It definitely wasn’t smart for Victor Lopez, 32, who was arrested in Santa Fe, N.M., and accused of violating probation by possessing stolen property.

The $2,500 watch had been taken by three men who forced their way into a home.

“It goes back to that thought process that these guys aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed,” said Santa Fe Deputy Police Chief Aric Wheeler, according to The Associated Press.

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