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What’s that noise? Better not to say

Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb went to battle, you might say, after winning her election in 2006.

Sue told an audience at Athens State University that she joined her daughter’s class for a field trip to a Confederate battlefield, according to Holly Hollman.

That’s when a reporter from the National Law Journal called and asked for two minutes. Sue expected questions like what it felt like to be the first woman elected as chief justice in Alabama.

Instead, the questions were about what it felt like to win the nation’s most expensive judicial race in 2006, and how, despite her campaign donations, she would assure the voters she could be fair.

“It was at that moment a cannon fired,” Sue told the crowd, “and I thought, ‘Please don’t let this Yankee ask me where I’m at.’ ”

Seriously thankful

The topic “I Am Thankful For ...” was a popular one for local student submissions to Kid Scoop’s Weekly Writing Corner, a Newspaper In Education feature that appears Tuesdays in The Daily.

So many students wrote entries for their teachers to send that they will overflow to Thursday’s Thanksgiving edition.

Melanie Smith noticed that most students wrote about being thankful for family members, friends, God and home. Some ventured into timely topics.

One seventh-grade boy wrote on a newsworthy subject related to life in the United States. His paragraph had a solemn tone — until the final sentence.

He concluded, “I am also thankful for beautiful women.”

Dog will screen dates

Whoever wants to date Darrin Speegle’s daughter one day, be warned: You’ll have to pass the drug-sniffing-dog test.

The Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge ranger handles Jax, a German shepherd trained to locate everything from hidden drugs to stolen arrowheads.

“Anyone who takes my daughter out will have to pass an inspection from Jax when he arrives to take her out and when he brings her back,” Darrin told Paul Huggins.

Darrin’s neighbors need to be on alert, too, as Jax has accidentally located marijuana on a vehicle, Speegle said.

Inmates’ work ethic

A Tallapoosa man who delivered automobile tags to the Morgan County Courthouse from Montgomery spoke highly of the state’s corrections industry.

He said inmates do good work refinishing and building furniture, Sheryl Marsh reports. He also noted how strong they are as they hauled the tags into the courthouse.

Perhaps his message was that these guys are earning their keep while in state prison.

The man, by the way, drove the vehicle. He was not an inmate.

Every hair in place

A woman wrecked her car and a good portion of a hair salon — but apparently didn’t put it out of business.

Police in Soldotna, Alaska, said Della Miller, 73, slammed into Tina’s Hair Pros from a snowy parking lot.

She knocked one customer six feet, destroyed two plate-glass windows and smashed outdoor stonework.

Then, according to The Associated Press, “she proceeded with her hair appointment.”

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