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People love to take, share pictures

My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye that ate up 12-exposure rolls of film faster than I earned money to feed the monster.

I constantly shop-ped for the cheap mail-order film pro-cessors who sweetened the deal and gave me a free roll each time I sent in one for developing.

Where today's processing takes two hours or less, my Brownie film had a two-week turnaround via U.S. mail.

I snapped pictures of family, friends, my pet yearling, our house, dogs, trees and even a June bug.

Interestingly, few of the pictures made with my $7 Brownie were of me. That's because I liked to take the pictures.

I doubt that any of the pictures published in today's DAILY, the first of a five-day pictorial journey across our section of the Tennessee Valley and of its people, came from a Brownie Hawkeye.

Most of the pictures likely didn't come from film but from electronic images.

From the time of Mathew Brady's bulky box cameras to today's cell phone images, people continue their fascination with photography.

As you will see in Tennessee Valley Snapshots, people are still taking pictures of pets, sunsets, children, familiar landmarks and anything stationary or mobile.

People love to show off their eye for a good picture. Some don't care if their masterpiece is a bit out of focus. As long as the pictures have value to the photographers, they want to share them.

That's what our readers are doing for the next five days. Many of them sent us their favorite pictures, most of which will be published.

In all, readers submitted more than 900 snapshots.

At this time each year, THE DAILY publishes what we once called OPPORTUNITY. It's gone by different names in recent years, and we now publish it over a five-day period.

Whatever the name, the special sections celebrate life in the Tennessee Valley, our rich heritage and our industrial and commercial base.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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