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SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2005


Friendly pup looking for a home

He's just a puppy although he's 9 months old and weighs about 40 pounds.

Still, the mixed-breed husky was too young to be an orphan and the eyewitness to the hit-and-run killing that took place on Indian Hills Road almost three weeks ago.

I heard the thud of the impact from the garage, and Regina confirmed the accident 10 minutes later when she arrived home from work.

The mother lay motionless on the edge of the road. Using a flashlight, I could see another dog standing guard.

My concerns were to not get bitten and to see if the other one was injured or dead. So I kept a distance while determining the motionless mother dog was dead.

The pup stayed the night at her side, taking spells of howling to show his grief.

"That's so awful," Regina said about 2 a.m. I agreed.

The pup emerged from beneath shrubbery the next morning when I took out the garbage.

He wanted a friend he could trust, and he wasn't sure about me. I squatted down and called him. He galloped over and licked my hands with a frenzy that said he needed comforting.

The dogs were well fed but had no identification, so we couldn't locate the owner, who might not have wanted them returned anyway.

The sanitation man picked up the mother and an animal control officer came for the pup.

I almost broke the vow we made when Oscar died, that he would be our last dog. The pup was full of love, full of grief and full of intelligence.

I knew if I asked Regina if we could keep him she would say yes. So I didn't.

We both still remember him standing over his mother in the dark, and howling into the night in confusion and loneliness.

He appeared to be a mixed-breed German shepherd but the animal shelter has him listed as a husky with red-tinted fur. His mother was a red dog.

He's too good to do away with so he's up for adoption unless someone came in Saturday morning and gave him a home.

I hope someone did.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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