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SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2005


There’s nothing like being nominated

The official notification came last week that an unnamed associate nominated me.

It's nice when someone does that. It shows they are thinking of me.

Or was it a computer that latched to my name and won't let go?

I think it was the computer became someone else, another unnamed associate, nominated me for the same thing.

Does that mean that I am now eligible for two home refinancing loans at "rates as low as 3 percent?"

I don't think so.

Neither do I want to do business with an outfit that consistently puts i before e in the word "receive" and spells amount with two m's.

Both notifications, the ones from Isiah Connor and Jerry Duke, had the same misspellings. Mmmm...

I don't trust those people, or Howard, who wrote, "We need final confirmativon (sic) to apprrovet (sic) your re finarnce (sic)."

E-mail offers of loans come daily even though the writers say my past bad credit is no problem, and I didn't even know it had ever been bad. I just knew I didn't have as much money as a lot of people.

You would think I'm on familiar terms with Mike Richards and that when he mentions John, I'm on the same page with those two. But I'm not.

They've been trying to call me about "the mortgage." I'm assuming they're assuming that I have a mortgage and I need to talk to them about refinancing.

John couldn't reach me by phone so he e-mailed my e-mail address to Mike, who's waiting for my e-mail reply.

Just when I was tempted, Tafolla Walch hit me with Get Better Loan's offer to save me hundreds of dollars each month if I refinance.

I was confused. I wished these spammers would forget my perceived financial bind. That changed, though, when Christian Family Loans entered the competition.

"Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is taken care of," the e-mail said.

Christian Family Loans wants to help me now, even with my bad credit.


Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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