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In search of the perfect razor

I'm no sucker for reaching for a credit card and ordering too-good-to-be-true gimmicks and merchandise from toll-free telephone number flashed on the TV screen. But I've been had a couple times that I don't mind revealing and probably one or two that I do.

The biggest disappointment came from a joint spur-of-the-moment decision to order Andy Griffith cassettes of Sheriff Taylor singing beloved hymns we use to hear in church.

Save your money, if the offers is still around: Andy can't sing. The sound byte played in the commercial was Andy's best effort.

Then there was the time I sent in $19.95 and waited two months to receive a piece of aluminum bent with a U shape at the end that hooks over gutters and washes them free of debris.

The other end had an attachment for the garden hose that leaked profusely. Holding this wand-type instrument high enough to hook over the gutter did a really good job of wetting me.

The gutters still required cleaning the old-fashioned way.

Never again, I said, until this summer, when another of those products that are too good for local stores to sell grabbed my attention.

Every guy is searching for a better, quicker shave. The offer hooked me. Titanium Turbo high-tech made sense.

For about 20 bucks I could go back to shaving with a razor that looks like a razor and cuts close like a real razor, but without the nicks that become frequent the more years you shave.

Its two AA batteries drive a tiny motor that sounds like a nest of stirred up bumblebees.

The manufacturer says I can expect the razor to last about six months, depending, of course, on how much it's used. The AA batteries are still a question mark, though. They've been in for a month and don't seem to be tiring.

I've used an electric shaver for so long that I no longer know the price of blades, but these batteries have lasted longer than a package of Gillettes.

That could be because a certain female hasn't discovered it.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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