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Watch those dirty Auburn words!

Alabama-Auburn week means that our family has something on which we all agree. We're all Alabama graduates, and want our children and grandchildren in Tuscaloosa when their time comes.

In the meanwhile, we're having to guard against the Auburn folks.

Lynn lives in Savannah, Ga., across the street from Richard and Joy. They are Auburn. Big time, flag-flying Auburn.

Mary Grace lives in Suwanee, north of Atlanta. Keri and Dave live next door. They're Auburn, too.

We worry that our grandchildren may pick up bad habits from these people, especially during football season.

At least one did.

"Dad, Keri taught Wright a bad word," Mary Grace said the other night during our phone conversation.

Keri is sweet so I knew it couldn't be too obscene. "Put Wright on and let me hear it," I said. Mary Grace giggled.

"Tom Tom," Wright said, in his soft 4-year-old voice, "Keri taught me a bad word."

"Who said it was a bad word?" I asked.

His mother told him that no nice Crimson Tide boy would use it.

"OK, Wright, tell me what Keri said."

"War Eagle," he shouted.

I feigned offense. He giggled.

Then there was Trey, after Richard and Joy's indoctrination.

I heard him running through the house chanting, "Auburn's on fire, Auburn's on fire," while Lynn and I talked on the phone.

"Keep him away from Richard," I advised. "He's poisoning that boy's mind."

"Well, Dad," she said, "That didn't come from Richard this time." Trey had seen a bonfire at Auburn on television, and he assumed the Loveliest Village on the Plains was burning.

But leave it to a 2-year-old girl to get it right.

"Roll Tide," Emma Grace told her pregnant mother when Mary Grace was in bed with a virus and was looking for cheer.

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