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Be careful what you promise

A week from today, Regina will find out if she allowed her mouth to overload her you-know-what.

The promise had to do with Christmas and grandchildren, and Buzz Lightyear.

About a month ago, Regina, a.k.a. Gi Gi, and Wright, our oldest grandchild, conducted an animated telephone conversation about his Christmas list.

It went something like this:

"Wright, what do you want Gi Gi to get you for Christmas?"

The 4-year-old had a mental list of things that "he needed."

"But Wright, Gi Gi can't get you all of those things. Tell me which one you want, and Gi Gi will buy it," she said.

"Buzz Lightyear starship," he said, quickly.

So off she went looking for a toy starship. Failing to find one, she consulted his mother. Mary Grace said she hadn't heard of one, so she asked Wright.

Wright said he saw one in the Disney catalogue.

Regina went on-line, then into orbit.

"That thing costs $299," she said. "It's something he rides in and is battery powered," she said, seeking my help.

"I didn't promise him, you did," I teased. "And if you get him one, you have to get Trey one, too." Trey is his cousin of almost the same age.

She worried how to tell Wright that Gi Gi isn't Superwoman. "Tell him that Gi Gi was playing Big Mama, and got caught," I said.

"Wright," I heard her back on the phone, "Gi Gi needs to get you something different for Christmas."

He wanted to know why. Her explanation was a bit dishonest. Translated, she meant she wasn't about to burn that many bucks on a vehicle he didn't need, even if it makes "intergalactic laser sounds and goes 2.5 mph per hour."

So, Wright and Trey are getting scaled down Buzz stuff and remote controlled model cars.

And Gi Gi is hoping that the red Power Rangers cast Wright is wearing, after breaking his left wrist trying to tackle his mother, will be diversion enough to make him forget saying, "But Gi Gi! You promised Wright! Gi Gi, you said ..."

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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