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Keys to a lasting, happy marriage

The keys to marriage are to know your keys. Know where they are and which ones are yours. Never take someone else's keys and drive off.

Do those things and a long-lasting marriage just might upgrade to a successful marriage.

Evidence supports the tenet that when you can't find your keys, you don't accuse someone else. Don't even think someone picked up your keys, because someone usually knows what you are thinking and someone might take the thought badly.

We've returned to these guidelines at our house after losing sight of the Key Golden Rules in recent days.

It wasn't her fault that I left my keys on the counter closest to the garage door or that she picked them up and used them to drive off in the Buick.

I should have been glad that when she arrived at work she discovered she had the extra keys and called to tell me I should stop looking for mine.

She would come get me if I needed a ride, she said.

Another key to success is to have a spare set and to know where to find it. I declined her offer.

A lesser rule is to put keys in the same place each time you empty your pockets. If you carry a purse, drop them into the soup of cell phone, lipstick, comb, makeup, hand cream, pencils, scrap paper and cough drops.

My keys were missing recently. Regina was gone and the car was gone.

"Do you have my keys?" I asked, when she answered her cell phone. She didn't think so but she would pull over and check her purse.

I didn't have time to wait so I pulled out the spare set.

She didn't have them, she reported later. So, if not, where were they?

We went to the gym in the truck and came home in the truck, so the keys logically were either in the truck or the house.

Two days later I found them hanging on my tie rack, there with the ties I reach for every morning.

"Excuse me," she asked, "don't you have something to say to me?"

I never accused her of having my keys, but I did think they might be in the purse soup.

She knew.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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