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Right now, the name is Nubbin

We won't be calling him Nubbin much longer. We may not even be using a masculine pronoun when we talk about the new baby who's to arrive in a few weeks.

Nubbin is gender neutral and Regina and I don't want to get caught up in the assumption that our next grandchild is going to be a boy.

Mary Grace and Kirk want a boy, but like most people, they will be happy if Nubbin's a girl.

I tell people that little boys are nice if you can't have little girls, and Regina and I don't have a preference here.

Mary Grace and Kirk are ready either way. They are prepared to bring Windham (Wyn) Cantrell or Mary Stephen home with them.

Sometimes Mary Grace is sure he's a boy. The next time we talk she's positive she's a girl.

Wright arrived a month early and weighed 10 pounds. Emma Grace took her time and weighed even more at 10 pounds, 10 ounces. Nubbin, the doctors say, may be smaller than the other two, thus another reason for the early nickname I chose. Mary Grace says they will know more this week.

But at any weight, new babies quickly work their way into our routines and lives.

We've talked many times about how our girls seem always to have been with us, even though Lynn wasn't born until four years after we married.

The grandchildren are like that, too. Sure, we remember when there was no Wright and Emma Grace and no Trey and Ruby Gray. But they, too, seem to have always had roles in our lives.

The world that Nubbin comes into is far different from the one big brother entered some 4 years ago. Wright was a first child and a first grandchild. He had to teach us. But Nubbin will also have a 2-year-old sister who's already climbing into the baby bed to check things out. She's ready to help.

So we are looking forward to Nubbin's arrival and having him or her nudge gently into the inter circle of our family.

Having a 2-year-old around in a couple years will be fun and will be at a time when the other grandchildren begin to see Gi Gi and Tom Tom as mortals.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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