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SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2006


Trey takes a giant first step

Our family was on Trey watch last week that began at the annual gathering in Covington County for Regina's family reunion when Mary Grace asked if he would like to go to Atlanta and spend the week with his cousin Wright.

He said he would, and that began the watch.

"Has he said for sure he's going?" his mother, Lynn, asked with apprehension the day before the final decision.

Trey's 4 and has never spent time away from his mommy except when his sister was born.

"He won't go," Lynn said. We detected she was half hoping, half predicting.

When it came time to crawl up in the third seat of the Deas' SUV, strap his car seat in place and get on up the road, he did it.

"You are going to miss him," I said, a bit sad for Lynn. I saw a tear.

We checked in mid-route. The boys were happily watching a movie.

Lynn checked in, too, as what was left of her family began the trek home to Savannah.

Things might get touchy at bedtime, we thought, so we checked in again. No problems.

Lynn checked in, too, to see if Trey had cried and to see if he was ready for bed. Wright developed a fever so the two couldn't sleep together and Trey slept elsewhere.

Morning brought yet another check. At 9 a.m., Trey was still asleep.

"Well, darn," Lynn supposedly said on hearing that news. He never does that at home. Mary Grace, of course, loved it.

He was having such a good time he passed on a phone call from his dad. But by weekend, he was seeking assurance that Lynn would come for him as promised on Saturday.

She did better. The sisters decided to meet halfway, in Macon, on Friday morning.

Mary Grace needed rest. Lynn needed Trey, who returned home triumphantly after having navigated one of life's earliest major hurdles.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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