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Computer crash or info overload?

Dr. George Hansberry has a theory about aging brains that has nothing to do with getting older. Maybe what he says is based on scientific evidence, and maybe it is not.

Either way, I like it.

Some of us of a certain age occasionally take a few minutes to come out with the name of people we've known for ages. That's part of George's theory.

Brains, he says, are like computers that react more slowly as they amass information. Forgetting has nothing to do with getting older. No sir! He says brains simply have more information to process before giving answers.

Give people with a full computer in their head enough time and they can recall "What's Her Name" every time.

Regina and I tag team on recalling names, and jokingly tease each other about "losing it."

She's come to work wearing a black shoe and a navy shoe, and I've teased.

She's come to work with the label of her sweater on the outside, and I've teased.

She claims she doesn't remember me finding her purse in the refrigerator once. I remember teasing.

There's been a time or two I would have left the house without wearing a tie if she hadn't intervened.

And there was the incident last week that I'm not sure she didn't allow to play out.

I left home without wearing a tie or a belt.

"Uh, do you know that you are not wearing a tie?" Brenda Mills of the classified department asked, as I cheerfully said good morning.

Of course I didn't! I didn't know I was minus my belt either.

Had Regina known and was it payback time? If so, she wasted no time.

Less that 45 minutes earlier I had cautioned her that she had better put on the top to her skirt because the way she had been functioning lately, she might forget and go to work partially dressed.

I am suspicious. As I walked into my office, I decided she noticed that my computer had crashed and she was not going to be my backup.

I got her on her cell phone. "Since you are already late, how about going back home and getting me a tie and a brown belt?"

She was a little too pleased and cheerful.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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