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Holidays need shot against humbugs

They fell like dominoes; the twos and threes first, then the high double numbers.

Call it virus, strep throat, an old-fashioned cold or an ear infection, the holiday humbugs came to our house along with the Thanksgiving turkey and hung around until last week.

Cousins and sisters tend to do that to each other.

First it was Ruby Gray, 2 ½, going from being the life of her preschool party on Tuesday before Thanksgiving to upchucking on the long drive to Decatur on Wednesday.

“I bet Lynn knew Ruby was sick before they left Savannah,” Mary Grace fumed, as she and Kirk unloaded their three from North Georgia to mix and mangle away the November holidays.

Last weekend was Christmas in Andalusia with Regina’s side of the family.

You can guess who didn’t get to come. That’s right — Mary Grace and the Deas family from North Georgia.

Emma Grace, 3, went down first, then Wright, 5, then Mary Grace and finally Kirk.

Probably 9-month old Mary Stephen escaped because she was on antibiotics as a precaution for the ear tubes she received Monday.

Lynn, of course, denies Ruby was the carrier of holiday germs and takes no responsibility for the Deas family not making the Andalusia trip.

Now I’m waiting to see if she blames her cousin Tammy if Trey and Ruby come down with an upper respiratory infection before they head to Ohio for Christmas.

Ruby’s 2½year-old cousin Clare required a trip to Andalusia Hospital emergency room in the wee hours of Saturday morning. But she felt well enough to mix and mangle by noon.

Last Christmas Clare’s older sister Evelyn, 4, wiped out the family in stages.

Regina and I are still waiting for our turn again. Children are Christmas blessings but they are also little germ factories. That’s the bah humbug part.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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