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No computer camera at our house

The excuse for not attaching a camera to the home computer is that we have dial-up service on a slow phone line. The reason has to do with my frugality. The dial-up, at $9.95 a month from HiWAAY, still gets the job done.

And I don’t need the Internet to play Freecell, Solitaire and Minesweeper on my laptop.

So when Lynn and Mary Grace say we should get the camera like they did, and we can all gather in front of our computer monitors and visit visually, I change the subject.

That’s too much togetherness, considering the way telephone calls go when the grandchildren are involved.

Emma Grace, 3, tells her mom, Mary Grace, that she wants to talk to GiGi. That’s Regina.

Emma Grace fancies herself a princess when she talks to her grandmother, so she uses her princess telephone voice.

Her older brother Wright doesn’t really want to talk to GiGi, but he wants possession of the phone. That’s when the fight starts, the howling begins, the princess voice morphs and the conversation ends with both of them going to “Time Out.”

Downstate Georgia, in Savannah, 2-year-old Ruby Gray talks to Tom Tom, that’s me, until her older brother Trey wants the phone.

The fight starts, the howling begins and they go to “Time Out.”

For quality time with family our children want us to upgrade to a camera and the faster service. They want us to see as well
as hear the mayhem.

I asked Mary Grace what really takes place when all three, including baby Mary Stephen, wail and I hear what sounds like a demolition derby.

“Dad,” she said, “You really don’t want to know.”

She’s right, I don’t. I have a vision of what a three-way visit on a camera computer would be.

We are sticking to pioneer-day, dial-up and using imagination.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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