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Waiting for more ‘Monster Blood II’

He raced through the first chapter of “Monster Blood II,” quietly closed his book as if he were ready to leave the school library because he didn’t want to take up too much of my time.

I suggested that we read a second chapter because the first one took only 10 minutes. We read about Evan Ross, who lives in Atlanta; his dog Trigger, the evil hamster Cuddles and that awful bully Conan the Barbarian by the time we’d finished chapter three.

My new fourth-grade reading buddy at Walter Jackson Elementary agreed that we’d meet again this week and pick up on the fast-moving action in “Monster Blood II.”

He thanked me for coming, and I thanked him for sharing his book.

Dee Dee Jones is the first-year principal at Somerville Road Elementary. Her school needs more Rotary members as readers and to help with math and other homework.

We had that discussion before dawn last week as we exercised side by side on the elliptical machines at the gym.

She asked if I was still a Rotary Club reader because if I wasn’t she was going to ask me to read at Somerville Road. She remembered when I read with my pal, David, at another school.

Rotary readers are club members who agree to spend 30 minutes to an hour once a week working with a student. Some help with math and homework, too.

She asked if I knew of any more Rotarians who would become readers.

I don’t, but I promised to ask.

Somerville Road is a school with many special-education children and others who need help in overcoming cultural and other challenges that make it difficult to do school work at grade level.

I’ll bet that with background clearance, you won’t have to be a Rotarian to be a reader, if you are interested. “Monster Blood II” is pretty good.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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