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Visit my favorite city, Washington

Other passengers aboard the US Airways Express jet joined Regina and me in jockeying for window views of Washington, D.C. Many of us had seen the sights below, but the nation’s capital is one view we never tire of seeing.

George Washington’s Potomac River usually is the first landmark we see before others rush at us more quickly as the jet nears the runway.

We made that trip two weeks ago to attend the American Society of Newspaper Editors annual convention. Seeing those historic landmarks always helps prime us for three days of intense discussions about the future.

The Washington Monument is easy to spot if you are sitting on the proper side of the airplane. The sweeping flight path over Arlington, Va., gives views of Arlington National Cemetery, the National Cathedral, the Custis-Lee mansion. They make you proud to be an American.

We find time to walk around the Tidal Basin, especially when the cherry trees are in bloom. We stroll through the Franklin D. Roosevelt monument, and past the White House and onto the National Mall for a full view of the front of the Capitol.

Regina took her late father, Murray Brogden, to Washington about 20 years ago. He returned to Andalusia and spoke heresy: “It’s beautiful, and safe,” he told his McDonald’s coffee-drinking buddies who would only allow one of their own to dispel their long-held myth.

School children from all over the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest connect with their government in spring. The city is full of foreigners drawn to the seat of world power.

But too many of us are like Regina’s father and let fear get in the way of going to Washington, D.C. It’s an easy non-stop flight from here to Reagan National Airport
and a $20 taxi drive to the heart of the district.

Democracy is in the D.C. air. You see it, feel it, and revel in the great experiment.

It’s my favorite city.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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