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Regina’s favorite expression is “I give up.” That comes when she’s misplaced something and can’t find it. But she keeps looking.

Or it could mean that she is about to lose an argument with me. But she keeps coming back with points for her side.

I’m ready to give up, too, because it works so well for her.

Internet spam is awful. Scores of unsolicited e-mails show up overnight and continue to pour in throughout the day.

You get them, too, I know. They come from The Ringtone Dept., The Financing Dept., Confidential cash, DirectDish, Wal-Mart, Orbitz, Sears and folks selling Viagra and male enhancements.

Dr. Mae Lewis, if she exists, is shocked that I haven’t answered her spam. She thought I was serious about making money.

I thought I was, too, because that’s why I show up for work Monday through Friday and sometimes on weekends. There is no need for me to contact her.

Most of these spam guys are polite. If I don’t want to be on their mailing list, all I have to do is unsubscribe with a click. They tell me it may take a few hours or a few days to purge me from their list, and they assure me they don’t wish to be a bother.

Guess what? Their e-mails are back the next day.

I’m not sure what Pioneer Partner is but it invites me to unsubscribe several times a day, every day.

Savings Pioneer’s attitude is great, too, because it respects my privacy. It’s difficult to not like a company that respects your privacy that many times a day.

My favorite spam comes from Confidential cash:

“If you are unable to view this important page, please Refresh This.”

Not on Saving Pioneer’s life, will I refresh.

I’d rather be respectful of Wal-Mart and continue to receive updates on “rollbacks, gift ideas and more” and not reveal that I never subscribed in the first place than to Refresh.

I give up.

Tom Wright is executive editor.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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