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One less presidential candidate

Regina would have made a good president. She doesn’t have a chance, though.

It’s the UFOs.

She has more experience in government that any candidate on either ticket, after explaining city council, county commission, school board meetings and garbage pickup to readers for 40 years.

Hillary can’t touch her when it comes to juggling medical and prescription bills. Rudy may have prosecuted the New York mob, but he’s never gone toe-to-toe with a Southern sheriff and his bootlegger cronies and won. Regina has.

Her foreign policy makes more sense than Condi’s. Regina would send millions of people abroad every year on free vacations as goodwill ambassadors. That would be far cheaper and get better results than the Iraq war.

But doggone it, she’s seen UFOs, and UFOs are currently the defining moment in presidential debates. Candidates once bullish on seeing strange things in the sky now hedge.

Cornered in the recent Democratic debate, Dennis Kucinich managed an, “I did.”

He tersely admitted he’d seen a triangular-shaped craft hovering silently over actress Shirley MacLaine’s Washington state home. His option was to become a dreaded flip-flopper.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson sort of admitted he’s seen one, also. His giggle was a signal he didn’t want voters to take the question seriously.

Then there is Regina who has never wavered from her daylight sighting of not one but two UFOs almost 40 years ago in the Talladega National Forest.

A black fuselage, without wings or windows, silently hovered some distance in front of her vehicle about 40 feet in the air. While it hovered, a twin UFO pulled behind it. They took off together at a right angle and vanished. She had another reporter as a witness.

It takes one sighting to cast doubt on a presidential hopeful. With two sightings, Regina’s political stock is in free fall.

Tom Wright is executive editor.

Tom Wright Tom Wright
DAILY Executive Editor

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