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By Nicole Shelton and Laurie Davis

Clean but cute films for teens and little ones

"Teacher's Pet" is based on the Disney cartoon series about a dog that longs to be a human. Spot (voiced by Nathan Lane) and his master, Leonard, are best friends and even go to school together. When Leonard's mom goes to Florida for a teacher-of-the-year contest, she leaves Spot; Jolly, the bird; and Pretty Boy, the cat, behind with a baby sitter.

While watching television, Spot sees a story on a Dr. Krank (Kelsey Grammer), who claims to turn animals into humans. Spot hitches a ride to Florida and finds Dr. Krank, who transforms him into a hairy middle-aged man — Spot's age in dog years. This new relationship poses problems for Leonard and Spot.

"Teacher's Pet" is a short, 67-minute cartoon feature with a musical format. The characters are always breaking out into short songs. They're satirical, and the movie is full of adult wit within a child's story. My 9-year-old loved it, though I found myself a little bored with the nonstop antics. The movie contains nothing offensive. Because the characters are fast-talking with quick-witted humor, however, I recommend it for 7-year-olds and up.

"Teacher's Pet" is rated PG for some mildly crude humor.

Reel View: A witty, entertaining cartoon for young children that is short enough for any parent to enjoy or endure, depending on your sense of humor.

— Laurie Davis

I went to see "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" because there wasn't anything else I wanted to review. I had low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. This would be a good movie for teenagers to see. Even their parents might enjoy it.

Kate Bosworth plays Rosalee Futch, a sweet, perky, small-town West Virginia girl who works with her two best friends, Cathy and Pete, at the local Piggly Wiggly. She and her girlfriend have a crush on a Hollywood movie star named Tad Hamilton, played by Josh Duhamel, and they've seen all his movies. Rosalee enters a contest to win a date with the actor after his managers come up with the charity fund-raising stunt to improve their client's image, and she wins.

Going against the advice of Pete, played by Tofer Grace of "That 70's Show," Rosalee is whisked away to California for her dream date. Afterward, the Hollywood actor decides that Rosalee is so sweet that if he spends more time with her, it might rub off on him. He soon shows up in West Virginia, and the fun begins.

Reel View: "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" is a great little movie. I would recommend it to anyone 13 and over. It's a modern Cinderella story, but the real prince is in Rosalee's back yard. This movie is rated PG-13 for some sexual content and language. The main characters have strong sexual values, so it's a good one for teenagers.

— Nicole Shelton

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