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Decatur Daily Wedding Form

Phone number: 256-353-6000
Fax number: 256-340-2366
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2213, Decatur, AL 35609-2213
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday

Click here if you wish to download a PDF Wedding Anniversary form, fill it out and mail it in.

Planning a wedding?
Announce it to friends and loved ones in The Decatur Daily! We would love to publish your engagement and wedding announcement.
Prices vary based on the length of the announcement. To be sure that your announcement is just right, please
follow these guidelines:

Use the proper forms. Submit your information on the following Decatur Daily wedding and engagement forms.

Keep the deadlines in mind. For Sunday publication, please submit your form and photograph by the preceding Monday.

Pick the perfect photo. Photos should be vertical, head-and-shoulders shots. A color photo is best. E-mail a high-resolution jpg image (at
least 300 dpi) to celebrations@decaturdaily.com clearly labeled and we’ll match your photo to your submitted form. You can also bring
your photo (5x7 or larger) to The Daily office.
Please be sure your photo is of good quality; we’re unable to print poor-quality images, computer-generated prints or photographic
proofs. You can reclaim your photo up to six months after it is published; we cannot keep them longer. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible
for lost or damaged photos.

Get permission. We are not able to accept Olan Mills photos without written studio permission. You must make a payment of $24.95
copyright fee directly to Olan Mills at www.olanmills.com. The fee is payable only by credit card.
Make sure to proofread! We cannot republish announcements that contain incorrect information you supplied.
Questions? Call 256-353-6000 or e-mail celebrations@decaturdaily.com.

When filling out the form:
• Please include nicknames in quotations (i.e. Harold “Harry” Smith III).
• List names of natural parents, stepparents or guardians. Please indicate if parents and or grandparents are divorced.
• Please indicate if a person is deceased (i.e. the late Mr. and Mrs. Smith; the late Jane Smith). Please indicate if an attendant
is a member of the bride or bridegroom’s immediate family (i.e. Joe Smith, the groom’s brother).
• Please make sure spellings of names, cities, etc. are accurate.
Please fill out the following form completely before submitting.
Failure to do so could result in delayed processing.
If you prefer to send us your information in paragraph form, e-mail celebrations@decaturdaily.com.

Form Submitter Information


Home Address:





Would you like your announcement to be published on Sunday?

Would you like to proof your announcement?

Daytime Fax:

Daytime E-Mail:

Wedding Information

Bride's full name (maiden) :

Bride's City and state :

Groom's full name :

Groom's City and state :

Bride's parents (include city/state and indicate if divorced or deceased and list step parents if applicable):

Groom's parents (include city/state and indicate if divorced or deceased and list step parents if applicable):

Date and Time of Wedding:

Wedding Location:

Officiating Clergy :

(Dr. is not used as a courtesy title unless the person is a medical doctor. Rev. Dr. may be used with the minister's name.)

Reception Location:

Bride’s Grandparents (include city/state and indicate if deceased):

Groom’s Grandparents (include city/state and indicate if deceased):

Honeymoon Plans:

The couple will reside in (city/state):

The following details are recommended if you prefer a larger announcement:
Wedding director :

Floral designer :

Caterers :

Music :

Other Special Helpers:

Bride's attrie and Flowers:

Bridemaid's attrie and Flowers:

Groom's attrie and Boutonnieres:

Groomsmen attrie and Boutonnieres:

Bride's Mother Attrie:

Groom's Mother Attrie:

Parties (Type of party, date, location, hosts) :


Wedding Party:

Bride escorted by :

Maid of honor :

Relationship to Bride (include city/state):

Matron of honor :

Relationship to Bride (include city/state):

Bridesmaids : (name, relationship to groom, city/state, one per line, please):

Flower girl(s) :

Relationship(city/state) :

Best man :

Relationship to Groom:

Groomsmen/Attendents (name, relationship to groom, city/state, one per line, please):

Ring bearer :

Relationship(city/state) :

Ushers :


Sharp, clear photos of professional quality are preferred. Good contrast, vertical, head and shoulder shots work best. We will crop
your photo electronically to fit our format. Photos may be color or black and white. Because of the varying quality of photographs
received, we do not reimburse or reprint for poor production. Photos may be submitted electronically (in jpg format, at 300 dpi
minimum, 1 MB) via email or on a disk. Please verify receipt and acceptability. We will gladly return your photo by mail or hold if or
you to pick up in our office after publication. Sorry, but we cannot be responsible for any lost photographs. Email photos to celebrations@

Questions? Call Diana Hatton @ (256) 353-6000.

PLEASE NOTE: By clicking the submit button you acknowledge that all information and statements made are true and accurate