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Brother’s panty prank good for laughs today

By Patrice Stewart· 340-2446

While some holiday memories are bittersweet, others are hilarious.

Ever had a Christmas tree decorated with panties? Sharon Engle of Trinity has. She and other area residents share their memories with Daily readers.

Panties decorate the tree

Engle remembers the Christmas of 1973, “when I was at the awkward age of 14, between Barbie dolls and Easy-Bake Ovens and struggling to learn how to apply mascara without smearing it.”

Their Christmas tree was the “rave of the day” — the silver metallic type with a rotating light that changed the tree color from red to blue to green to yellow.

Her older brother enjoyed teasing her relentlessly, and Christmas morning was no exception. She headed for the tree in anticipation of her gifts and then gasped at the sight of a pair of panties hanging from each limb of the tree.

“My brother was rolling on the floor, having quite a laugh and saying that ‘only blondes have to have panties that tell them what the day of the week is.’ ”

As she yanked them from the tree, Engle noticed that Monday, Tuesday and other days of the week were neatly stitched on each pair.

Diamond in the dark

Carol Jones got a big surprise the year the ice storm hit, causing power outages during the Christmas holidays. She had to use candles and flashlights to dress for Christmas Eve services and dinner at her in-laws.

When she shined the flashlight in her jewelry case to get her wedding ring, she thought, “Wow, this diamond looks a lot larger than usual.”

The next morning during gift swapping, she opened a box with a note that said, “Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas present; you have been wearing it for a week.”

Her husband, Mike, had gotten her a larger diamond ring the week before and just placed it in the spot where she kept hers, because she didn’t wear it to work. With the holiday rush and power outage, she had hardly noticed the difference.

“Everyone at our Christmas Eve dinner knew about it except me, and some of them could hardly keep from telling me. What a great Christmas,” she said.

Sailboat, pigeons on list

Barry Kimbrough of Mount Hope, 68, still has his handwritten lists to Santa for the years 1946-49. They read a bit differently from today’s wishes for iPods and DVD players.

His requests ranged from sports items to a “sail boat like the Mayflower,” a cowboy suit, subscription to Outdoor Life magazine, and items such as a blanket, bed and harness for his black cocker spaniel, Cindy. By the time he was 11, he was asking for “birds like pigeons I can stuff, books on trapping in the Arctic, and snowshoes.” His wife, Nancy, said their son, Eric, now displays those in his Hartselle home.

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