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Sometimes you may feel like a 'Loser,' but remember 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining'
LOSER. By Jerry Spinelli. Harper Trophy, $5.99, 224 pages, paperback.

Juliana Lee
Special to THE DAILY

“Loser,” by Jerry Spinelli, was one of those books I could not put down! It was interesting and full of detail. I’ve liked other books by Jerry Spinelli, so I decided to read this one.

The main character in this book is Donald Zinkoff. He is different from everybody else, like Stargirl (another character in a book by Jerry Spinelli). He also has a problem of throwing up and he does like to go to school.

The main idea of this story is looking at the life of Donald Zinkoff. The reader follows him from first grade through fifth grade. His dad is a mailman and that’s what Donald wants to be when he grows up. Mr. Zinkoff lets Donald deliver mail with him. He meets a nice lady and her girl, Claudia, on the mail route.

Donald Zinkoff makes some bad decisions, but learns some great lessons. “Loser” is one of my most favorite books. I think I’ll read more of Jerry Spinelli’s books.

THE AMAZING DAYS OF ABBY HAYES: EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING. By Anne Mazer. Scholastic Paperbacks, $4.99, 128 pages, paperback.

Brianna Gwin
Special to THE DAILY

Abby Hayes lived with her family — mom, dad, two sisters and a brother. She thinks she’s adopted because her family is perfect and she isn’t. Abby loves soccer, calendars and writing. She hates math. She flunked her math test and had to take it over.

One day, Mrs. Kantor (Abby’s fifth-grade teacher) excitedly announced that Mrs. Bunder, a writer, would visit and teach the class about writing. Abby was so excited since she keeps a journal and writing is her favorite subject.

One of Abby’s journal entries was about soccer try-outs. Jessica and Natalie, Abby’s best friends, joined her in trying out for the soccer team. They all made it! According to her journal, Abby’s goal is to become an All-Star soccer player. This fun book, complete with purple ink, continues with all sorts of things happening because of Abby’s journal writing, including hope for Abby’s math grades!

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