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Emily Anne Vought shows her photo-adorned valentine she made at Central United Methodist Church preschool.
Daily photo by John Godbey
Emily Anne Vought shows her photo-adorned valentine she made at Central United Methodist Church preschool.

Language of Love
Preschoolers’ thoughts
on Valentine’s Day

By Danielle Komis · 340-2447

Love is simple.

It's hugs and kisses and sharing toys and helping clean them up - according to young children.

Preschoolers describe love as cozy and warm; an idea largely revolving around their relationships with their families, rather than the Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lover's love we often think of around Valentine's Day.

So for a refreshing look at love, read on to see what preschoolers at Central United Methodist Church's weekday school had to say on the subject.

How do your parents show you love?

“When I fell down the stairs my mommy helped me. Right before we went to the haircut store.” — Lucy Orr, 4

“My mom makes me pictures, candles and hot chocolate.” — Anna Clair Lee, 5

“They give me a bath and I play puppy dog.” — Layne Bjornseth, 5

“I make things with my dad and we unload cars out of the trailer.” — Wim Vandiver, 4

“Mommy gives me hugs and kisses and water when I go night-night and Daddy reads me the ‘Good Night Moon’ book, silly.” — Leland Barnett, 3

How do you show love?

“You can share wristbands with them.” — Wesley Irish, 4

“You kiss and hug and help each other.” — Lucy Orr, 4

“Help people who are sick who can’t give valentines to people.” — Tegwen Buckner, 4

“I hug them. I can do something nice like making stuff for them.” — Jack Singley, 4

“You give them toys they don’t have, or you can dance with them.” — Fiona Schotz, 3

How do your parents show they love each other?

“When my dad comes home they hug and I try to get in it, too.” — Carter Sample, 5

“Sometimes they do something gross. They kiss on the lips. It’s disgusting.” — Anderson Mitchell, 4

“My Mom goes and buys Daddy what he wants and Daddy makes Mommy cards and sometimes he makes her a picture of her.” — Anna Clair Lee, 5

“They clean up together messes that they make and they come here on donut day and eat them together.” — Wesley Irish, 4

When will you get married?

“Maybe after college. But I might grow up to be a professional football player and never come out again.” — Carter Sample, 5

“When I find somebody. Like in 7 months.” — Ashleigh Burroughs, 5

“When I get big. Next summer maybe.” — Wesley Irish, 4

What do you do on Valentine’s Day?

“I help my Mommy with folding clothes.” — Ashleigh Burroughs, 5

“Eat candy and food like turkey and ham. I like to eat ham.” — Adam Burroughs, 5

“I clean up my toys.” — Belle May, 4

“Sometimes I go to Dollar General with my mommy and we buy suckers with Valentine’s hearts.” — Anderson Mitchell, 4

“I help Mommy cook Valentine’s cookies.” — Anna Clair Lee, 5

“We decorate our house with Valentine’s stuff.” — Lucy Orr, 4

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