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Learn how Abe came to be honest

Editor's note: These book reviews were written by fifth-grade magnet program students at Leon Sheffield Elementary School.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR. By Augusta Stevenson. Aladdin, 192 pages, $4.99, paperback.

By Nathan Whitley
Special to THE DAILY

The book I've been reading is about a young man named Abraham Lincoln, but everybody just called him "Abe." Augusta Stevenson wrote this Lincoln biography, "Abraham Lincoln, The Great Emancipator." Abe lived in Kentucky on Knob Creek with his family.

Abe went to school when he was about 6 years old and he always loved books. Throughout his life, he used any free time to read a book.He grew up to be strong, honest, generous and kind. Abe's family moved to Indiana and his father married a Kentucky woman after Abe's mother died.

When Abe was 21, he moved away to start his own life. He had always wanted to make speeches or become a lawyer. And that's just what he did! Abe worked hard at his job and really enjoyed it.

Abraham Lincoln became president and made many famous speeches. He made the Gettysburg Address to dedicate a cemetery to dead soldiers in the Civil War. Next, he made a speech to free the salves, and it worked! This book takes the reader through the life of Abe right up to his death in 1865.

I suggest this biography to people who like learning about famous people or presidents. I really like the book, myself. It was fabulous!

Birmingham author tells Jewish story of survival in WWII

IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE I WAKE. By Han Nolan. Harcourt Paperbacks, 320 pages, $6.95, paperback.

By Molly Neill
Special to THE DAILY

"If I Should Die Before I Wake" is a page-turning book by Han Nolan. It takes place in the time of World War II, in a small town in Poland. However, it also takes place in a Jewish hospital. The main character, Hilary or Chana, goes through some very rough times together. OK, I bet you are confused, so let me explain.

Hilary is a girl about 16 years old who hates Jews. One night as she and her boyfriend Brad were riding his motorcycle they were in a horrible wreck. While Brad didn't even get a scratch, Hilary was put in a Jewish hospital with serious injuries. As she was slipping in and out of consciousness, she went to another world where she became Chana.

Chana is a young girl who is Jewish. When her father dies and the Nazis take over her town, she and her family are forced to the ghetto where they must work for the soldiers with no pay and little food. After years in the ghetto, Chana and her grandmother are sent to a concentration camp to work until they die. It is a good thing they hang on for a while.

This book shows what Jewish people had to go through to survive and that people can change. I think that Han Nolan, who is from Birmingham, did a wonderful job explaining what happened to Jews during this time in history. I loved this book and think you would, too.

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