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Invisible boy meets blind girl in Clements' 'Things Not Seen'

Editor's note: These book reviews were written by fifth-grade magnet program students at Leon Sheffield Elementary School.
THINGS NOT SEEN. By Andrew Clements. Penguin Young Readers Group, 251 pages, $6.99, paperback.

By Ashli Morris
Special to THE DAILY

Imagine you woke up one morning and you weren’t there! Well, you were there, but invisible. First, you thought it was a dream. Then, you were freaked because you knew it wasn’t a dream at all.

Your life would be miserable. Or, could you make the best of this situation?

Well, guess what? In this book, Bobby, the invisible boy, meets a blind girl. Luckily, her dad was a scientist, just like Bobby’s dad.

Bobby might actually be changed back to normal, or not. What will happen? He may be the “invisible boy” forever. If he remains invisible, his parents could go to jail because he’s missed three weeks of school.

I read this book so fast because I just had to find out what happened to Bobby.

Andrew Clements, author of the kid-favorite “Frindle,” has written another favorite for my class. “Things Not Seen” makes the reader laugh and eager to find out what happens next.

Nancy, a model detective, solves 'The Twin Dilemma'

NANCY DREW AND THE TWIN DILEMMA. By Carolyn Keene. Penguin Young Readers Group, 190 pages, $6.99, hardcover.

By Brianna Gwin
Special to THE DAILY

How would you feel if you saw someone with the same name as you? Nancy Drew has yet another mystery on her hands. A fashion model is missing, and they have a person who claims he is someone else. A model, Jacqueline Henri, misses the fashion show because she thinks her brother has been kidnapped.

Nancy, an awesome model, steps in to take her place even though her dresses are gone! Gone, stolen, kidnapped! Kabam! Mr. Reese, the dress stylist, lets his anger get to him. He goes crazy and tells Nancy to get off the stage. Nancy, as you probably know, will go after anything. So she jumps into a nearby van, only to discover all of Mr. Reese’s dresses.

After climbing into the van, Nancy discovers herself a prisoner. This doesn’t stop Nancy from trying to solve this mystery.

Something tragic happens as this mystery unfolds. It’s another great story from mystery writer Carolyn Keene!

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