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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2007


'Princess Academy' more than a love story

Editor's note: This book review was written by a fifth-grade magnet program student at Leon Sheffield Elementary School.

PRINCESS ACADEMY. By Shannon Hale. Bloomsbury Publishing, 336 pages, $7.95, paperback.

By Treasure Carlisle
Special to The Daily

When I picked up "Princess Academy," it was like my fingers were super glued to the book. I would tug my fingers and they wouldn't let go. I would convince myself to stop reading, but when my eyes read yet another grabbing sentence, I would have to read more.

The book's main character is Miri, a girl who lives in a little village. She just so happens to have a crush on her guy friend, Peder. I liked the thought that this was a love story, but it turned into something much more.

The action truly starts when Miri wakes up one night to a trumpeting sound. At first she thought it was a group of bandits, but it turned out to be soldiers. When Miri's door was opened, soldiers are standing on the door stop. He explained to the family that their mission was to help the prince who was looking for a wife. Girls were to be taken from their homes and trained to be a princess. Miri, being 14, had to go. She was extremely sad, because that meant she had to leave her sister, her pa and, especially, Peder.

The rest of the book goes into detail of how the girls were trained to be princesses. You will be very intrigued to find out how Miri acted once she was at the academy. Do you think Miri was picked to be "the Princess?" Well, my lips are sealed. You have to read the book to find out what happens. Trust me, it will be worth it!

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