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The only male in a houseful of women, Roy Griffith turned his bedroom into a camouflauge oasis. And his wife, Karen, at left, let him do it.
Daily photos by Jonathan Palmer
The only male in a houseful of women, Roy Griffith turned his bedroom into a camouflauge oasis. And his wife, Karen, at left, let him do it.

Hunter’s Refuge
Only man in family of females uses his bedroom as a camouflage oasis

By Danielle Komis Palmer · 340-2447

As the only male in a family of six, Roy Griffith needed an escape. Someplace where he could relax and avoid the chaos at his Hartselle home.

His wife, Karen, took pity on him and turned their bedroom into his “hunter’s refuge,” complete with a camouflage bedspread, a deer wallpaper border and outdoor-related knick-knacks.

Don’t forget the plastic singing deer head Roy’s mother surprised him with.

“I guess she felt sorry for me because I haven’t put one on the wall myself,” Griffith said, looking at the deer named “Buck.”

Though he doesn’t have wild game decorating the walls to show off his hunting skills, Griffith said the room is his favorite in the house, and it’s also Karen’s favorite. Here, he can hang out and watch his favorite hunting shows, or pick away on his guitar.

Where did you get the items in the room?

  • Camouflage bedspread — custom-made by a quilter at a Hartselle flea market. The quilter’s husband apparently told her after it was finished that it was “the ugliest thing she had ever done,” Karen said, laughing. To improve it, Karen added a darker material around the border of the quilt to cover a beige color that was originally there.

  • Deer wall prints — yard sales

  • Log wallpaper — Lowe’s

  • The bedroom and the house itself were inherited from Roy’s grandparents. Roy’s grandfather built the house in the early 1960s. When his grandmother later lived there alone, the bedroom was her “no-spill living room that only opened up at Christmas,” Roy said.

    What’s your favorite part of the room?

    A hunting knick-knack in Roy Griffith’s bedroom.
    A hunting knick-knack in Roy Griffith’s bedroom.
    While Roy said the overall effect of the room’s décor is his favorite part, Karen had more specific favorites, especially the metal wall lamps over their bed with pinecones on them.

    The dreamcatcher Roy made for her after she had nightmares is also one of her favorites, she said. The craft hangs above their bed to keep away her bad dreams. Roy made it simply by looking at other dreamcatchers they own.

    “I figured it couldn’t be too hard,” he said.

    What did you do yourself?

    Karen applied all of the wallpaper herself, which was tricky to line up, she said, because of the log pattern.

    What are your future plans for the room?

    The couple hope to get wood from Roy’s father’s old barn and add it to their bedroom ceiling to achieve a more rustic look in the bedroom. They also hope to create a corner cabinet in their large bathroom using the barn wood.

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    Roy Griffith, 39




    Wife Karen Griffith, daughters Danielle, 13, Dakota, 10, and Destiny Hood, 18; Brandi Griffith, 17, Madison Griffith, 2


    A “hunter’s refuge” bedroom for the only male in the family.


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