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THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE. By Kate DiCamillo. Candlewick, 228 pages, $12.91, hardcover.

Amazing voyage of Abilene and bunny Edward

By MaryAshley Tolleson
Special to THE DAILY

Editor’s note: This book review was written by a fifth-grade magnet program student at Leon Sheffield Elementary School.

My friend recommended I read “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” because she knew my favorite stuffed animal is a bunny. That caught my attention. I read the first few pages and could not put it down until I had finished.

Edward the bunny belonged to a little girl named Abilene. He loved her very much. One time, Abilene’s family took Edward on a cruise. Unfortunately, Edward got separated from his owner. Two boys snatched Edward from Abilene and began fighting over him. They accidentally tossed him in the air and Edward went sailing over the ship’s railing. Abilene was heartbroken, and Edward was scared.

Then Edward was rescued by a fisherman, the first of many people he stayed with during his miraculous voyage.

Author Kate DiCamillo captured her readers by making Edward seem to come to life and have real feelings. I identified with Abilene because I have lost my favorite toys before, and it made me really sad. The book made me so empty inside that I cried while I was reading it. I would tell you why, but that would give away the best parts.

The book also has beautiful illustrations by Bangram Ibatoulline. They were sweet and peaceful. They were pastel colors and felt quiet, calm and soft when you looked at them. I especially enjoyed the picture of Edward sitting in a chair with the pocket watch he always carried.

This is my favorite book ever. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever loved someone or something special to them.

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