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THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON. (Great Illustrated Classic) By Johann Wyss. Yearling, 366 pages, $6.50, paperback.

Hunting, survival skills important to reviewer and Robinson family

By Jon Zellner
Special to THE DAILY

Editor's note: This book review was written by a fifth-grade magnet program student at Leon Sheffield Elementary School.

Crash! That's what happens when you're exploring the sea and a storm slams into your boat. I chose "Swiss Family Robinson" to read because I love the movie. I wanted to see if the book was different from the movie.

The Robinson family left Switzerland to make a new colony in New Guinea. While on the voyage, a violent storm caused the ship to wreck. The Robinsons swam to an island where they stayed for 10 years before they were rescued.

The biggest struggle for the Robinson family was learning to survive and live on the island. Using tactics like Robinson Crusoe, they built shelter, farmed and hunted to survive. Their summer haven was a treehouse and their winter refuge was inside a rock. The family learned to take care of themselves and work as a real colony.

I liked all of the characters in this book, but Francis was my favorite. He is the youngest, and found a monkey, which he kept as his friend. I identified with Francis because I'm also the youngest of four children. Mr. Robinson is like my dad. Dad teaches me survival skills, as well as hunting.

The author used a narrative writing style with Mr. Robinson as the storyteller.

This book is very entertaining, and I recommend it to everyone. When comparing the book to the movie, I found the two very similar. I think they are both great!

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