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Bice's 'liquid leather' now on eBay; band releasing CD

By Ronnie Thomas
DAILY Staff Writer 340-2438

SOMERVILLE — Think "American Idol" fans aren't hog wild over Bo?

Just ask two of Bo Bice's Somerville cousins, Rhea Tilley and Evie Hawkins. They've spun a cottage industry from Bice's popularity on the Fox television show. Heading into Tuesday's competition, the Huntsville native and Helena resident is among 11 singers remaining in the race for the 2005 crown.

The Bice Squad will be at Mamas Country Diner tonight at 7 to watch "Idol."

Tilley is offering through her eBay store two pieces of liquid leather fabric remnants from one of Bice's "Idol" outfits that his grandmother Madge Schofield of Somerville designed and made.

And Hawkins said a new CD by Bice and his Sugar Money band becomes available Friday on Bice's Web site,

Tilley said one piece of the Bice fabric is 2 yards, the other 1 yards. "Aunt Madge buys in large quantities and usually has a good bit left after she cuts out the pattern," Tilley said.

She said she began running the offer two nights ago. The auction on the remnants closes early Sunday morning. Anyone interested in bidding should go to

Along with the fabric, the top bidders will receive an authenticity certificate signed by Schofield.

According to, Bice is the top "Idol" contender on ebay with 50 items.

Speaking about her famous cousin's music career and the CD, Hawkins said he is a gifted songwriter as well as vocalist and musician.

Madge shares CDs

"Over the years, Aunt Madge shared CDs with us, and we were always thrilled to see what Bo would come up with next," she said. "He always kept us anticipating the next project. I think he has outdone himself on this one."

Hawkins said Bice also has written Christian songs that "move me to tears because of his inspirational message and soulful vocals."

She said he jokingly told her that "I was 'Biced' because I was a relative."

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