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Hartselle council can't stop temporary car sales

By Deangelo McDaniel
DAILY Staff Writer 340-2469

HARTSELLE — A City Council majority told a member of the Hartselle Automobile Dealers Association that it can not do anything to stop temporary car sales.

"All of the dealers in Hartselle are struggling to keep their doors open and these people are going to put us out of business," Terry Miller told the council.

Miller was complaining about a car dealer from Decatur who held a tent sale this month in the old Wal-Mart shopping center on U.S. 31.

"I don't know any other thing that the city can do," Mayor Dwight Tankersley said.

The mayor said he talked with City Attorney Larry Madison and with the League of Municipalities about the matter.

"According to them, we can't do anything else," Tankersley said.

The previous council amended the city's ordinance governing temporary sales in hopes of making it tougher for outside car dealerships to get license. According to the ordinance, the outside dealership has to purchase a business license and pay $1,000 for a temporary sales permit. The cost of the license is based on gross receipts.

"They have to buy the $1,000 permit each time they have the sale," Tankersley said.

The mayor said Decatur charges $250 to issue the same permit. Miller said he didn't have a problem with temporary dealerships coming to town, but that they should be required to construct a permanent building.

"Don't let them rape Hartselle and leave," he told the council. "All the dealers in Hartselle feel the same way I do."

The council was sympathetic to his concerns, but noted that they have done as much as they can.

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