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TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2005

From Bo's fans to you

Bo Bice fans internationally and nationally have been e-mailing DAILY Staff Writer Ronnie Thomas. These are a sampling.

"Just wanted to let you know that we're doing our part here in Nebraska to support Bo, too! Not only do we vote each week, we have also decorated our car windows with glass chalk. GO BO, Rock the Bote, Vote 4 Bo, to name a few.

Robyn Griffin of Bellevue, Neb.

"Please give Bo my e-mail. I think he's gorgeous in every way and want him to come to Australia so he can wow us with his music and maybe I can wow him!"

Jennifer Cannell, Sydney, Australia

"Bo is my favorite on 'American Idol.' I am hoping that he wins it all. I vote for him every time. His voice is amazing, no matter what he sings."

— Sherry Potter, Warren, Mass.

"I love my rock music and was so impressed with Bo, I have been glued to the TV ever since. It takes me an average of 15 minutes to get through on voting night, but he is so well worth it. The man was born to be a star! WOW! is what comes to mind when he sings!"

— Karen Colicchio, New York, N.Y.

"Bo Rocks! I am a jaded LA native who has seen it all . . . Bo is by far the most exciting performer to come on the scene. He is the only reason I watch 'Idol.'... He is awesome. He has my vote every week.

— Rebecca Hollis, Los Angeles

"I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful your articles about Bo Bice are. I so look forward to reading them. My family and I are huge Bo fans in Louisiana."

— Danielle Courreges, Baton Rouge, La.

"I'd like to say that I've been a Bo Bice fan since the beginning . . . Although I like southern rock, I hope Bo knows his potential and doesn't limit himself. I think Bo has the essentials for a superstar! Carrie Underwood has a true country voice and she's not bad to look at . . . Hey man, I'm a man that loves women, but if you're a fan that wants the true talent to win, you just can't deny the talent and quality of Bo. ... The lines actually open 10 minutes before the close of the show."

Donnie King, Cleveland, Ohio

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