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MONTGOMERY — A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Thursday, the fourth meeting day of the regular session:


  • Approved legislation to end the governor's appointment of the state transportation director and put control of the state Department of Transportation under a commission appointed by the governor. Goes to Senate.
  • Passed a bill to make it a crime to assault or kill an "unborn child." Goes to Senate.
  • Approved a bill to reinstate the practice of legislators handing out money for special projects in their districts. Goes to Senate.
  • Passed legislation to ban the practice of pass-through pork, where lawmakers hide appropriations in state agencies so the funds can later be used for special projects in their districts. Goes to Senate.
  • Passed a bill to require state agencies or departments to file a report with the secretary of state when they award contracts that have not been submitted to the bid process. Goes to Senate.
  • Approved legislation that would exempt qualified withdrawals from the Alabama Higher Education 529 Fund, a state-sponsored college savings plan, from state income taxes. Goes to Senate.
  • Passed a bill that establishes the position of chief education financial officer in the State Department of Education. Goes to Senate.


  • Approved the governor's appointment of Kathleen Felker to the state environmental commission and William Wynne Jr. to the state parole board.
  • Passed legislation to increase the penalties for identity theft cases involving less than $500. Goes to House.
  • Voted to make the black bear the official state mammal. Goes to House.
  • Approved legislation that would give judges more options for handling probation violators, rather than sending them to prison. Goes to House.


  • House meets at 1 p.m. Tuesday and Senate at 2 p.m.

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