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Ex-girlfriend says she didn't use bat

By Paul Huggins
DAILY Staff Writer 340-2395

The ex-girlfriend accused of striking her boyfriend and his new girlfriend with a bat Monday said she did not attack the couple in a jealous rage.

The woman, Ada Biddings, 42, told THE DAILY that hitting her ex-boyfriend, Michael Sharpley, with whom she still shares a home, was an accident and that she never used the bat to hit his new girlfriend, Trudy Smith, as the police report said.

"Someone grabbed the bat away, so I started to hit her with my hands," said Biddings, who was charged with third-degree domestic violence Tuesday.

The attack on Smith was nothing to do with jealousy, she said, and that she has always got along with Smith long as she's dated Sharpley.

"We share a house together," Biddings said of her 11-year relationship with Sharpley. "We have our own bedrooms, and he does his thing and I do my thing."

Smith caused the trouble, Biddings said, by making herself at home in her bedroom.

"I whupped her for being in my bed," she said. "If they had not come in that house, I would never have said anything to anybody."

Police report

The police report, given by Smith on Monday night, said Biddings hit both Sharpley and Smith with a bat after finding them together, and that Sharpley had a knot on his head and was bleeding.

The report also said Smith had several knots on her head, was bleeding and had bruises on her arms and legs.

Biddings said she swung the bat only one time down on the bed and accidentally hit Sharpley in the process.

Sharpley said the knot on his head was there before Monday's incident and even though he was bleeding, he didn't recall getting hit. He said he didn't want Biddings charged with domestic violence and doesn't plan to help prosecute her.

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