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Trace Adair

6, Trinity

I have been a good boy this year. I would like a gum ball machine, some baseball cards and a real Easy Bake oven. I will leave you some milk and cookies with sprinkles.

Tanner Adair

6, Trinity

I have been a good boy this year. I would like an ambulance with sirens, some baseball cards, a toy gun and a sword. I will leave you some milk and cookies.

Celeste Adair

3, Trinity

I have been a good girl this year. I would like a Dora cash register, a dollhouse and a new, big baby doll. I will leave you some broccoli and cheese and milk to drink.

Quinton Finley

6, Moulton

I’ve been a good boy most of the time. I want a Gameboy with games, Army and four-wheeler Playstation games, Xbox and Army toys. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk and the reindeer some carrots.

Austin Lindley

7, Hartselle

Please bring me an Xbox 360, the game Lego Star Wars II, the game Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 and The King from the movie “Cars” if you can find one. Don’t forget all the other kids in the world and my dog, Lucky. God bless you Santa.

Devin Joyner

3, Huntsville

I hope you and your reindeer are feeling good. I have been a pretty good boy this year. Would you please bring me a robot, moonsand, and lots of surprises. I’ll leave milk and cookies for you and apples for your reindeer. Thank you Santa.

Dani Jones

3, Decatur

Hello again Santa. I saw you at the mall and told you I wanted a big Barbie house and a Bella dance mat. My Pappo said he will get me the dance mat, so don’t worry about it. Mom will say I wasn’t nice so talk to my daddy.

Kobe Strange

3, Moulton

I have been pretty good this year. I would a motorcycle, front end loader, and a pair of cowboy jeans. Daddy has been good so please bring him a new shotgun. I will try to be good from now until Christmas.

Emmie Beck, 3
Walker Beck, 3


We have been good this year! We want a John Deere excavator, four Barbies and lots of surprises. We will leave you lots of cookies and white doughnuts! Please do not forget our big sister Shelby. She wants a mini media player and a paintball gun.

Briley Dietz

2, Decatur

I have been a good girl this year. Please bring me a Dora baby, a Pooh movie, two chocolate chip cookies and dill pickles. I will leave cookies and milk for you.

Tyler Smith

17 months, Hartselle

For Christmas I would like a “Winnie the Pooh” TV, VTech baby, and lots of surprises. Also, please remember to bring my mommy and daddy something. I hope you have a safe Christmas Eve.

Dawson Lindsey

3, Somerville

I have been a very good boy (most of the time). Please bring me a power tool workshop, a Tonka crane, a kidtough digital camera, a new gator and some surprises. I promise to leave you some cookies and milk and some carrots for your reindeer.

The following letters are from Debbie Perrin’s second grade class at Julian Harris Elementary School.

Natalie Schlangenhauf

I want a big horse I can ride in the house. I want some books. I want some Floam, a pencil sharpener, and a grand canyon to my train set and a big, big nutcracker.

Danyelle Whitlock

I want a bunny, a flip phone, a watch, new mattress, a book, a cat clock, snugglers, a robot dog and a stuffed frog.

Colt Dozier

How are the reindeer feeling? This is what I want for Christmas. All of the “Cars” stuff and the little bowling alley. I guess I’ll see you later. Bye.

Nicholas Wallace

I hope you bring me basketball cards and football cards, too. I also hope you bring me Hot Wheel cars. I really hope you bring me a Road Ripper.

Hilton Hollingsworth

I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. Not because we get presents. I really want a gym mat. But if you can’t make one that is OK. I want my own furniture. I thank you. I love you. Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas.

Maria Gillespie

Here is my Christmas list. I want a dog with a squishy tongue. I also want a pony.

Kyleigh Higdon

I would like the little Munchins a cheer. I want the “Happy Feet” movie and I want a razor phone.

Mykia Turner

I hope you bring me some teddy bears or Care Bears.

Sophie Minkinow

Thank you for every Christmas. How are your and your elves? I have been a good girl, I have never even pulled a card. Not even in first grade or kindergarten. I would like some friendship beads, dye hair Barbie, makeup drawer and a new coat.

Andrew Engle

I would like baseball cards, a puppy, a scooter, the “Happy Feet” movie, the “Ice Age” movie, and the “Open Season” movie.

Haley Reynolds

The thing I want most is Video Now. I’ve been wanting some new jazz or acro outfits, a baton case, magnets, a new outfit, some CDs and some Hershey bars. Can you get the kids that don’t have any toys lots, please? Have you met Elvis?

Brittney Doss

For Christmas I want a Baby Alive, a Zoom and a pony that walks when you talk. Have I been a good girl? I love you very much. You are the best. I wish I could see you. I like your magical things.

Kyra Webb

I wish I could have a Polly Pocket Play World and the dolls it comes with. Next I want a real Baby Alive and then she can have a mommy. I also want a bike, some puppies, horses and kittens.

Bobbie Quintana

How are you doing? Can elves talk to the reindeer? Tell Rudolph and Frosty I said Hi. I’m going to bake a big cookie. I want Nintendo’s, a hula-hoop, a white Piraka and a brown Piraka. I’m done.

Austin Wall

How are your elves and your reindeer? Is Rudolph’s nose still glowing red? I love Christmas. I would really like snow! I have a joke for you. What goes Oh! Oh! Oh? You, walking backwards! Please get my teacher a staple-remover.

Cameron Ledbetter

Everybody loves you Santa and Mrs. Claus. We love you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. I want a big skateboard.

Thomas McDowra

I want a pogo stick and some of those moon shoes. I also want a storm launcher. I want a remote control Jeep, a wrestling ring and a cell phone.

Courtney Weaver

I want a toy Barbie and a real dog Chihuahua. I want a brown Chihuahua dog named Cocoa.

The following letters are from Kate Smith’s second grade class at Banks-Caddell Elementary School.

Javier Rivera

I want a new game and a cell phone. I also want a Nintendo DS and a new bike, Xbox and shoes. I am a good boy and I will leave you cookies and milk.

Michelle Lopez

Santa, I want lots of presents for Christmas. I am always good.

Christina Castro

I want some toys and clothes. Santa, I would share but I don’t have any sisters and brothers. Have a good trip.

Jalen Martin

I have been good, I am not lying. This is what I want for Christmas: PlayStation. I want all the games and a TV and a Spider-man game. I want an Xbox 360 and games too.

Ruth Battle

Santa, I want some makeup, Bratz stuff, a scooter, games, air Jordans and a Barbie cell phone. I have been good a lot. I have been bad one time. I also want lip gloss and a candle. I hope you have a happy Christmas.

Quinton Fletcher

I want a Xbox 360 for Christmas and a racing game. I will leave some cookies and milk for you on Christmas Eve.

Larissa Jasso

I have been good in class. I want a cell phone, lots of clothes, new shoes, makeup, a Barbie car, TV and DVDs. I also want a purse.

Jamiliah Constantine

I have made all A’s. I’ve been bad a little bit. I want a Nintendo DS and a game to play. Santa, my family needs cable so we can watch real TV. I hope you have a nice Christmas.

Jordan Williams

I have been good. I want NES and a big screen TV.

Genara Pedro

I want Bratz for Christmas. I also want some makeup and a Bingo game.

Yurixa Gonzolez

I have been good this year. I want surprises for Christmas for me and my family.

Alex Ayala

I want a big screen TV, a Gameboy, Xbox, skates and a four-wheeler. I would like to have a Mustang and a Hummer.

Tamia Evans

I want some Jordan’s, makeup and a dress for my sister. Santa, I want a cell phone. Will you please get me some lip gloss, a Barbie car and a pair of sunglasses. Santa, I will get you some cookies when you come.

Becky Harper

For Christmas I want Bratz, a dress, some clothes, a princess game, glass slippers, Barbie car, purse, big screen TV, skates, a cell phone, a baby, some makeup, a scooter, a dollhouse, a rug, teddy bear, Nemo ball, pillow and bunkbeds.

Lewis Williams

I want a Gameboy, shoes called Jordan’s, a big screen TV, skates, a cell phone and lots of money.

Nikki Hinkle

I want a lot for Christmas. I want some toys, makeup and books. I have been good this year. I will leave you a snack but not a lot because I do not want you to get stuck in the chimney.

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