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Investigators expect probe of inappropriate Morgan e-mails to be completed before Christmas

By Sheryl Marsh· 340-2437

An investigation into an e-mail scandal is still in the planning stage with lawyers finding common ground among Morgan County commissioners on what they want to probe.

“We are agreeing on parameters of the investigation with the commissioners to get a consensus on where to go with the investigation,” said Huntsville attorney John Wilmer.

Wilmer, whose firm is leading the investigation, declined to comment on details of the investigation, but said he believes it will be completed before Christmas.

While being stingy with information, three commissioners confirmed that the probe would target all elected officials.

“Elected officials are to be examined,” said District 2 Commissioner Ken Livingston. “Officials were a part of what all commissioners did not agree on. I agreed to it, but there was some wording that I didn’t agree with. If we don’t put an end to some of this yak, yak stuff it will be viewed by the public that it’s being swept under the carpet.

“If we don’t check the elected officials, then there’s no need to do anybody,” he added. “There’s no need to do half a job.”

District 3 Commissioner Kevin Murphy agreed.

“We have to include elected officials, and I want them to check my e-mails first,” said Murphy.

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George, who is chairman pro tem and in charge of the investigation, said looking at elected officials’ e-mails is priority.

“But we also want others checked,” said George. “It appears that somebody doesn’t want the officials checked, and I’m about ready to put it to a vote in an open meeting. If they want the public to skin them alive, that’s on them.”

District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark said he could not comment on the issue regarding elected officials.

“The investigation is proceeding, and I think it’s going to cover everything we need to cover,” said Clark.

“What we’ve all agreed on so far is going to be extremely beneficial.”

A racy e-mail that the county’s ex-human resources director forwarded to Chairman John Glasscock prompted the investigation almost a month ago.

The commission fired the director and George moved into the pro tem position to take charge of the investigation since Glasscock was a recipient of the e-mail and recused himself.

The commission hired Wilmer’s law firm to investigate inappropriate use of all county computers.

“We’re tweaking the list of things we want them to look at, and I’m confident that the commission majority will want a thorough investigation,” George said.

Also, the commission majority wants to find out who leaked the e-mail to the media.

A forensic computer specialist will examine computer equipment.

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