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Letters to Santa

Jade Young

5, Decatur

Hey Santa, I would like a baby doll for Christmas and I also want lots of surprises and Christmas toys. I have been good. I havenít been naughty. I havenít been crying. I like your reindeer names. Thank you Santa.

ToiíShekira Young

11, Decatur

Iíve been a patient girl around this time of the year.So, I was wondering if you could bring me just one thing. A pink, camera Razor phone (if you canít get me anything else.) Have a Merry Christmas.

Dale Blaich

5, Hartselle

Iíve been a good boy. I would like a football, some new shoes, a new soft blanket and lots of surprises and yummy treats. Our tree is beautiful and Iím trying hard to leave it alone. Mama says donít touch. I love you, Santa.

Hayden Summers

2, Hatton

I have tried hard to be good. I would like a turtle for my rock, a race car movie and some candy. Also, I would like some surprises. My little brother and I will leave you and the reindeer some treats. I love you.

Kyle Summers

2 months, Hatton

I am a very good baby. Please bring me a peek ní play discovery dome, a magic rattle ní ride pooh and some surprises. My big brother and I will leave you and the reindeer some treats. I love you.

Lauren Hamby

4, Decatur

I would like a Chou Chou Baby, a Sweet Darling and a baby stroller. Please bring Rachael a Talking Chou Chou Baby, Cole a backpack, and Katie a book. I will leave out some cookies and milk for

Matthew Wiley

3, Trinity

I have really tried to be good. I would like a General Lee car that makes noise and a toll work center and a tool box for all my tools. I will leave you milk and cookies.

Jazmine Weaver

1, Danville

I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me a Barbie Jeep, Backyardigans toys, a stick horse, a new baby doll and a baby stroller. Thank you.

Weston Corsbie

7, Hartselle

I wanted to write and tell you what I wanted for Christmas. I would like a Nintendo DS and at least two or three games to go with it.

Kylee Corsbie

2, Hartselle

I would like stickers, lipstick and a baby doll. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

Carley Lovett

3, Decatur

I have been a really good
girl this year. I think weíre hitting our terrible twos at 3. We will worry about that next year. I really want a Purple Barbie Jeep. If it is a problem just call and Mommy can get it from you.

Cooper Lovett

3, Decatur

I really want a John Deere Gator. If you think that you might be limited on space in your sleigh, just put Carleyís jeep in the dump bed of my gator and that will work out just fine. If not you can call my Mommy!

Nathan Naylor

4, Moulton

I know I am on your nice list. Please bring me some moon shoes, some Lightning McQueen cars, a red motorcycle and ramp, some wrestling men, some Spider-Man gloves, a 4x4 truck, and some games for my Leapster. Donít forget my sisters Briana and Brette.

Brette Naylor

2 weeks, Moulton

Please bring me some toys that make music. Donít forget to bring my sister Briana and brother Nathan some goodies. Mommy and Daddy say that I am their present this year. We will leave you some cookies and milk.

Shalyn Ann Bullard

2, Hartselle

I have been a good girl this year. I would like for you to bring me Dora, Boots, a piano and a Barbie computer. I will leave you some cookies and milk. Please donít forget Mommy, Daddy, Papa and Daisy my dog.

The following letters are from Lisa Mishalanieís first grade class at Julian Harris Elementary School.

Caleb Buckner

Thank you for the Batman costume and candy. This year I would like a four-wheeler that is blue and comes with a uniform. Also, I would like an electric guitar and $1,000. And make it snow, please.

Jacob Wright

Thank you for the game for my GameBoy. Also for the sweat shirt and the guitar. For Christmas I want a Spy vs. Spy 2 and
a magnetix set. Also, Iwant a Big Show teddy bear. Merry Christmas!

Reagan Echols

I like my new Barbies. I love playing with it. Oh! I did almost forget, how is Rudolph and how are the reindeer? I would like a Bratz Barbie, Bratz game and American Girl clothes and bed.

Austin Laney

Thank you for my telescope last year. I like it. Can I have a trumpet, drum set, magic hat and surprises? Howís Mrs. Claus? How are you? Howís your reindeer?

Aaliyah Wright

How is Rudoplh? Is he OK? Is Mrs. Santa OK? How is Baby Claus? Is he OK? I will like a Play Station, skates and a lunchbox.

Emmonte Goode

I like the four-wheeler you got me last year. I was very good. It was so cool. Thanks for the four-wheeler. I would like clothes, drum set and an Xbox 360.

Ethan Kelso

How is Rudolph? Is he being good? If he ainít good, send me a picture. Please send a picture if you donít want to you donít. I would like a Storm Launcher, a speed track and a race car hat.

Jada Treest

How is Rudolph and how is Mrs. Claus, too? How are you? I hope you will get me a Bratz Snow Club, a Kids Bop 10 and Kids Bop 2, and makeup.

Jaida Chaney

I want a new Bratz car. Thank you, Santa. Iíve been good behavior at school. I would like perfume and Bratz Ice.

Jake Locker

Thank you for the cool bike I got last year. I have tried my best to be good this year. I hope you bring me presents this year. I would like a Play Station 2, Verticon Warriors, and a Shell Shocker.

James Frick

How is Donner? Is he good or bad? Is he fine or sick? I would like Ben Ten RV, Ben Ten movies, and 5 more Ben Ten aliens.

Katie Beth Blevins

I cannot wait for Christmas.It is the importantest time of the year because it is the birth of Jesus. I would like Kids Bop 10, Kids Bop 2, a Password Journal and an art table.

Kelsie Gillespie

How is Rudolph? How is Cupid? How is Mrs. Claus? How are your elves? How are your deers? How is your day? How is your Christmas? I would like a skateboard and a Ninetendo Wii and a Fantastic Four DVD.

Madelyn Massey

How is Rudolph? How is Mrs. Claus? Thank you for Lucky. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. How is the elves? I would like a trampo-line, a basketball goal and a basketball.

Parker Lyles

Thank you for the puzzles I got last year. And thank you for the big truck that had lots of cars in it. This year I would like a Batman truck, Power Rangers and a remote control car.

Ruben Salgado

I liked the pants you gave me last Christmas and the Batman. How is Rudolph doing? Did Rudolph like the food that I left him last Christmas? I would like a Ben Ten watch, a Ben Ten van and a Bat Man action figure.

Ryan Swoopes

How is Rudolph? I hope that he is OK. Thank you for the Dora doll whose hair goes up and down. This year I would like a Doodle Bear, a Barbie car and a Dora remote control Jeep.

Sarah Anne Suttles

How is Rudolph? Thank you for the stuff that you got me last year. This year I would like Bratz, baby Bratz and Barbies.

Tori Wallace

Thank you for the four-wheeler that you gave me last year. How is Rudolph doing? How are the elves doing? How is Mrs. Claus? How is baby Claus? I would like some CDs and movies and a big TV.

The following letters are from the preschool class at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Hartselle.

Natalie Wallace

I would like a jewelry box, a Cinderella car, some earrings and some surprises. Bring my little brother Cole and my little sister, Samantha, some toys too.

Tyler Braswell

I want a gun that shoots string, a skateboard, a guitar and surprises. Please bring my big sister, Hailey, a lot of presents, too.

Angel Caldwell

I want a guitar and lots of princess stuff. Donít forget my mommy. She works hard and goes to school.

Chloe Shedd

I would like a play phone, a dolly and some surprises. Please donít forget all my brothers and sisters. Bring your biggest sled. We have a big family.

Angelina Prieto

I would like a doll, a doll bed and lots of surprises. Please remember my little brother Sergio and my little sister Ava. We have been very good this year.

Blake Evans

I would like a go-cart and lots of surprises. Donít forget my brother Briton, or he will take my stuff. Most of all, I want a ring for my mommyís finger.

Skye Holifield

I want a guitar and lots of surprises. Please donít forget my big brother Seth and my mommy.

Clyah Kellick

I want a rock and roll, a drum, videos and lots of surprises. Donít forget my mommy, or J.D. or Rodney. They have been very good.

Haliey Marshall

I would like a baby doll, a choo-choo, a chalkboard and some chalk. Please bring my baby brother Christopher lots of surprises.

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