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The Daily will publish children’s letters and e-mail to Santa Claus between now and Christmas Eve. Individual letters up to 40 words must arrive by Monday.

Each letter or e-mail must have the child’s first and last names, age and town of residence.

Send letters to Santa Claus, The Decatur Daily, P.O. Box 2213, Decatur, AL 35609-2213; deliver them to our office at 201 First Ave. S.E.; or send e-mail to

Brittany Whisman

9, Hartselle

I have been pretty good. Please bring me a new tote
bag for ballet, a makeup kit
and Dream Life plug and
play game. My little brother would like a cool train and
track table. Please remember
all the good little children
that don’t get much for Christmas.

Ryleigh Hill

5, Moulton

I have been good. I would
like a new bike, some Polly Pocket dolls, fun games and some surprises too. I have a
little brother named Barrett.
He wants some surprises too.
I will leave you some milk and cookies and food for the reindeer.

Kimberly Quillen

1, Moulton

I have been a good girl. I would like a baby doll, some clothes, a DVD player to go
in my mommy’s car, some learning puzzles and a riding toy. I would also like some
fun surprises. I will leave out some milk and cookies for

Zachary Quillen

4, Moulton

I have tried very hard to be
good. I would like a double
barrel play shot gun, some learning puzzles, a DVD player for Mommy’s car, some DVDs
to go with it, some clothes
and some surprises. I will
leave you some milk and cookies.

Analy Jeanette

11 months, Decatur

It’s my first Christmas. Please bring me a Sit and Spin Zebra, a Little Mommy baby doll, a stroller, some Peek-A-Boo blocks, a baby grand piano and some books.

Huntley Segars

16 months, Hartselle

I would like lots of toys
this year! I would like some
ride on toys and a big ball to bounce on. I really like toys with lights, sounds, and anything that I can bang against something.

Caleb Fields

4, Hartselle

I have been a good boy.
Please bring me a guitar,
a Scooby-Doo fishing rod and
a remote control truck. I will leave you cookies and milk
under the tree. I love you!

Janzen McBride

2, Hartselle

I have been good. I would
like a pony and some tools so
I can help my Uncle Frank
fix stuff. Please leave my sister Willoe a dress-up set. Don’t
forget Mommy and Daddy
and Snowball. You and the reindeer will have something by the tree.

Reagan Reed Warren

3, Moulton

I have been good. I would
love two Barbie dolls, two
choo-choo trains, a trampo-
line and some surprises. Pawpaw wants the trampoline to have a net and mats so I will not get hurt. I will leave you cookies and milk by the fireplace.

Natia Johnson

3, Decatur

I have been really good this year. Please bring me a Baby Alive doll, a pair of skates,
a scooter, an Elmo TMX for Christmas, a cash register
and give all other boys and
girls their Christmas wishes, too.

Kyra Cotner

6, Hillsboro

I have been a very good girl.
I would like you to bring me
a pair of skates, a learning
laptop computer, games and
lots of clothes. Bring my
mom and dad something nice too.

Kendall Cotner Kolbie Cotner

7, Hillsboro

We have both been very
good boys this year. Please
bring both of us a remote control Hummer, the new Play Station 3, some fun games, a football, sneakers and lots of clothes.

L.J. Ausley

14 months, Decatur

I have been really good. I would like a T.J. Bearytales, an Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man and a bunch of surprises. Please bring my mommy and daddy something and bring some-thing for my twin baby
brothers or sisters, even though they are not here yet. Thank you.

Wiley Garrison

3 months, Decatur

I have been good. Please
bring me a teething ring, a
horn for the tricycle Daddy is making for me and lots of
surprises. Don’t forget my
aunt Katie. She would like a Ninetendo DS. I will leave cookies for you and a carrot for Rudolph.

David DeWayne Hale Jr.

3, Decatur

Thank you for the great
presents last year! Please bring me Thomas the Tank trains
and lots of books. Please
leave surprises for my big
brother William and baby sister Alexandra. We will leave
treats for you and your rein-deer.

Alexandra Frances Hale

9 months, Decatur

This is my first Christmas!
I really enjoy all the beauti-
ful holiday lights, decorations and especially the music.
Please bring me books and some toys. Please leave some surprises for my brothers, William and David. We will leave you some cookies and milk.

Caden Johnson

2, Decatur

Please bring me some
Diego stuff, especially the rescue center, the backpack and a Backyardiagans radio. I have been good. I will leave you
some gingerbread cookies that
I made with Mommy. I will
leave your reindeer some carrots.

The following letters are from Carla Gibson’s kindergarten class at Faith Christian Academy of Moulton.

Cody Heflin

I’ve been good this year.
I want that man back that I
lost in the lake, a Nintendo
DS white and a Tony Hawk game.

Caleb Baldwin

I want a Monster House game, a new pillow, a Darth
Vader mask, a toy licking
puppy, some stickers and the “Life is a Highway” song from the movie “Cars” and a GameBoy.

Heather Turner

I would like a kitchen set, a puppy stuffed animal, a Christmas CD, some clothes, books, stickers and a princess necklace.

Joseph Harris

I would like a “Cars” video game and lots of surprises. I will leave cookies and milk for you. Oh yeah, and I want a new bike.

Grace Harrison

I want a Doctor Pet Shop,
an Ariel table and chairs, an Ariel piano, Ariel teacups, Ariel vanity and an Ariel doll that says, “I love you.” Thanks, Santa.

Payton Gibson

I would like a Lionel Thomas the Tank Engine train set and lots of surprises. And don’t forget that art set.

Megan Tucker

I would like a Sleeping Beauty Barbie, four velvet dresses,
two Polly Pockets and a new Barbie house, three skirts,
five shirts and lots of surpris-

Katie Lynn Carraway

I would like a My Walking Sweet Steps pony, the Twelve Dancing Princesses dolls, including the Prince, a Dora kitchen, a princess salon, an Ariel beauty set and a red dress that has sparkles. And a hamster.

John Paul Dickens

I want a skateboard, a PlayStation 3, a dinosaur that roars loud and it has to be green, and bring my buddy Alex a BB gun.

Madelyn Muse

Please bring me a cooking Ariel girl, a makeup Ariel
doll and the Ariel doll with
dolphins and a Dora kitchen
set. Also Iwant a Santa talking toy.

Whitman Parker

I want the movie “Cars,”
the “Cars” PlayStation game and a play tractor. I have been good this year.

Kelsey Graham

I would like some Barbies,
a pink GameBoy advance,
more games for my V-tech, a walking pony, toy laptop, a lamp for my room and a new backpack.

The following letters are from Delores Johnson’s kindergarten class at Eastwood Elementary School.

Bethany Smith

I would like a new bike,
some doll clothes and a Beanie Baby. I will leave cookies for
you and carrots for your reindeer.

Margaret South

I would like the Ameri-
can Girl dolls Kit and Kaya, a saddle for my horse, pajamas with horses, riding pants, a slushy maker, a kitchen with food, a kid songbook, and
some rings and shoes for my American doll. I will leave
treats out for you and the reindeer.

Heidi Hudspeth

I would like a big stuffed
bear, a pony, a bell from the reindeer, some Legos for building a big tall tower and some card games. I will leave you some milk.

Cameron Morson

Please bring a four-wheel-
er, a tundra remote control,
the Madden ’07 PlayStation game, a remote control car
that changes color, a racecar and a dinosaur game for GameBoy. A new PlayStation 2, a robe with my name and some surprises.

Cameron Black

Please bring me a plane,
a helicopter, some cars, a
sword, a jersey, a Transform-
er, an astronaut, some Toy Story things and a real puppy. I
will leave you some cookies
and some hay for all the reindeer.

Anna Carpenter Harris

I would like an American
Girl doll, a Barbie, a guitar,
Baby Alive, a camera, a doctor puppy and an Easy Bake oven.
I will leave you some cookies
and milk and a present. I will leave carrots for all your rein-

Cricket Powell

I would like cat with a
house, a dog with a house, a craft punch kit, a pet doctor
kit and a rocking horse. I
will leave some hay for your reindeer. I will leave you a
card, some milk, some delicious
cookies and a picture for

Conner Morson

Please bring me a PlaySta-
tion 2, a motorcycle game, a Pokemon game, a Tundra remote control, an Incredible Hulk, a robe with my name
on it, a magnetic set, a Nike warm-up suit and some
surprises. We will leave treats out for you and all the rein-

Beverly Fite

Please bring me a Baby Alive, a star station, a Don’t Break
the Ice game, some makeup, some candy and surprises. I will leave you some milk and cookies.

Chelsey McGee

Please bring me a dog that licks, a Barbie, a princess
computer and some fun surprises. I will leave you some cookies and milk.

Addie Belle Martin

Please bring me a stuffed dog, webkinz, an Allison doll, a
Bratz head, a Barbie horse,
Barbie plug in game, Barbie
laptop, Barbie battery guitar and piano. I will leave you
some milk and cookies and a card.

John Moebes

I would like Legos, a science kit and a rock tumbler. I will leave you ginger cookies and chocolate milk.

Axel Cerda

Please bring me a toy dog
that gives kisses, an Auburn
bat, a Batman toy, a Santa Claus hat and some surprises. I will leave you some cookies and milk.

Lucas Roberts

Please bring me the “Cars” DVD, a BB gun, some John Deere tractors, a DVD play-
er, the new New Balance ten-
nis shoes, a monster jam
truck, the new Build-A-Bear and an art easel. I will leave
you some good milk and cookies

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