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Alyssa Putnam

18 months, Decatur

I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me lots of surprises. Merry Christmas and may God bless you.

Peyton Branum

3, Trinity

I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me a bike, a playhouse, a My Little Pony in a high chair and a Dora kitchen. Thank you, Santa. I will leave you and the reindeer something yummy.

Ally Hamm

6, Courtland

I have been good. Please bring me some play makeup, a pretty ring, goldfish with a bowl, a lamp for my bedroom, a pink radio, movies and surprises. I will make sure Mommy leaves you a glass of milk and lots of chocolate chip cookies.

Addison Hamm

5, Courtland

I have been a sweet girl. Please bring me the “Over the Hedge” movie, a Barbie, Barbie clothes, stuffed animals, candy and surprises. Please bring something for my dog, Grace. She has been good, too. I will leave some carrots for Rudolph and lots of goodies for you.

The following letters are from Gina Doran’s first grade class at Julian Harris Elementary School.

Kirstin Haggermaker

I would like a Nintendo DS, and some Auburn sweat pants, and some dolls. Who is your favorite reindeer?

Noah Strehle

I want a globe and a camera. Which elf do you like the best. I wish I could help you give to all the kids!

Kelsie Fletcher

I want some skates and some roller shoes and a Nintendo DS. Other than cookies, what do you like to eat?

Jonathon Ferguson

May I please have a dirt bike, a toy jet airplane, and a rocket. What is it like to fly? Thank you!

Jaye Phillips

I would like a dirt bike, cell phone, and a MP3 player. How are you so quiet in our homes?

Halie Sanford

I want a pet shop mansion, poker cards, and a Wii game. Did you name all your reindeer?

Marin McClellan

I have been a very good girl. I want a puppy, a Bratz doll, and My Little Pony. Does Mrs. Claus paint her toenails?

Paige Wates

I would like a real karaoke machine, a Bratz doll, and a Barbie doll. How do your reindeer fly?

Jada Lewis

Please bring me these things: Barbie doll, Hide-seek Care Bear, DVD player. What do reindeer eat?

Hilton Harwell

How are you doing? I hope you are staying warm. Please come see me. I would like a Baby Alive, a bike, and a new Mario game. Tell Rudolph I said hi and I will leave lots of treats.

Sadie Hood

What I want is a Bratz and a pink dog that talks to you and a TV and a pink Game Boy. I love you Santa. Thank you for the toys. What do your reindeer like to eat?

Nate Williamson

I want a dirt bike game, electric guitar, and surprises. What is your favorite cookie?

Ryan Jones

I want a Power Ranger army set, and a toy snake. Do you like cookies?

Justin Brown

I want a Jango Fett on a speed bike and a spy video car. How do you get everywhere in one night?

Andrew McElroy

I have been good. I want a little Life and Load set coal loader, and an All Around Sodor. How many bells do you have?

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