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Probe yields more racy photos

By Sheryl Marsh 340-2437

Morgan County Commission Chairman John Glasscock apologized Monday for sending sexually charged e-mails and said he will never make that mistake again.

Glasscock was reacting to a report from Wade Morgan of Alabama Forensic Data Services Inc., which found photographs of nude women on his computer as part of a County Commission probe into inappropriate use of county computers.

Morgan states in a written report that Glasscock's computer contained 50 inappropriate e-mails and former Human Resources Director Jack Underwood's had 98. Morgan said he found no violation of the county's personnel manual on the computers of 17 other elected officials, department heads and political appointees.

"I regret using county computers for personal use and certainly it is not going to happen again," Glasscock said. "None were sent in the courthouse, just to old buddies I worked with during the years."

Morgan said he found "pornographic images" on both men's computers and defined pornography, within the scope of his investigation, as, "Any image that shows a female's breast or the genitalia of a male or female."

That by itself is not a definition of pornography that would hold up in court.

A PowerPoint file, under Glasscock's name on the disc made as part of the report, contained 40 explicit pin-up type poses of nude women. The PowerPoint package was titled "Hot points ... A Special Presentation."

The report contained 10 other e-mails under Glasscock's name. Probably the most offensive was a female on her knees performing oral sex on a police officer. The caption underneath read: "How to get out of a ticket."

Others were in the vein of a group of nude women piled into a mesh hammock on a beach setting or an image showing the buttocks of nude women pedaling bicycles in a race.

Images attributed to Underwood's computer were more graphic.

An image from Underwood to Glasscock, which someone released to a WHNT-TV 19 reporter, resulted in the probe. The commission voted unanimously to look at the computer hard drives of all county officials, department heads and political appointees. The commission, however, reversed itself Dec. 28.

The result was the exclusion of the hard drives of Sheriff Greg Bartlett, Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott and their employees. Both officials, citing sensitive material, blocked access. Board of Registrars Chairwoman Adonis Bailey and Probate Judge Bobby Day also cited sensitive information in their letters denying access.

Scott said she didn't want Morgan copying her hard drive and taking it to Birmingham.

Morgan, who is based in Homewood, said he had to copy the hard drives to filter information on his equipment.

Bartlett wrote a letter stating that Morgan was not to even look at his or his employees' e-mails on the main server.

In his report, Morgan said he was denied access to the county's main server because Bartlett objected.

Probe should continue?

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George said Morgan's findings indicate the investigation should continue and include Bartlett and Scott.

"We've done a little over half of the investigation, but it needs to be done right," said George. "Mr. Morgan's findings of pornographic material on two hard drives is evidence that the investigation needs to carry on. We need to look at them all, the sheriff and Ms. Scott's."

George, who headed the investigation as chairman pro tem, received the report from Morgan on Monday. He said he delivered copies of it to Commissioners Jeff Clark, Ken Livingston, Kevin Murphy and Glasscock.

The Daily gave George a written request, and he released the public record.

Clark is expected to be elected chairman pro tem Tuesday.

Morgan said his investigation included checking each computer for evidence of tampering with the hard disc drive or for the use of a data-wiping program. He found none.

The forensics computer expert's report stated that Glasscock was the only one to send e-mails.

The County Commission, however, fired Underwood over an e-mail that showed nude women. He forwarded that a year ago to Glasscock, who sent it to a Decatur city official.

Not a crime

A federal prosecutor and the Morgan district attorney said sending adult material electronically to adults is not a crime.

Last month, George asked Glasscock to resign. Glasscock did not respond.

The commission meets Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Results of e-mail probe

These Morgan County elected officials, political appointees and department heads did not have sexually charged e-mails on county computer hard drives:

  • License Commissioner, Sue Baker Roan

  • Deputy License Commissioner, Patsy Dougherty

  • District 1 Commissioner, Jeff Clark

  • District 2 Commissioner, Ken Livingston

  • District 3 Commissioner, Kevin Murphy

  • District 4 Commissioner, Stacy George

  • County Administrator, Syble Atkins

  • Deputy Administrator, Carol Long

  • Bruce Lackey, recreation director

  • Debra Rains, transportation director

  • John Allison, archivist

  • Greg Bodley, engineer

  • Ed Sims, sales tax director

  • David Hannah, data processing

  • Claudia Ray, animal control director

  • Ricky Brooks, garbage director

  • Eddie Hicks, emergency management director

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