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Poll: God, readers voice approval of spanking children

By Steve Stewart 340-2444

God approves of spanking, according to Chasity Compton. So do most people who responded to an online poll.

Compton of Mount Hope cited Scripture — one verse from Ephesians and five from Proverbs — in an e-mail commenting on the poll.

"Not only does God give us his permission," she concluded, "but he also added an extra layer or two of padding to a certain area of the body for that reason. I bet that you thought it was there to help you fill out those jeans, huh?"

She said a spanking should be done out of love, not rage.

In the poll, nine out of 10 answered no when asked, "Should Alabama pass a law against spanking children 3 years old and younger?"

A proposed California law prompted the question. Sally Lieber, its legislative sponsor, describes it as "a law against beating children."

Of 436 people who answered the poll at, 387 (88.8 percent) answered no. Forty-nine answered yes. The three-day, unscientific poll ended Wednesday.

"Since when did the state of Alabama receive the right to tell me how I can punish my children in my own home?" asked reader Brandi Fielding. "... I do agree the state should tighten the child abuse law and provide more protection for children, but spanking them on the bottom is not beating them."

Phyllis Todd commented:

"God's word teaches discipline. ... Banning spanking is another step in the destruction of America. We allow the murder of unborn children and took prayer and the reading of God's word out of our schools, and look at what we have today."

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