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SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007

Lawrence tornado drills
Tornado plans for Lawrence County schools

East Lawrence Elementary: Interior hallways and restrooms.

East Lawrence Middle School: Restrooms and hallways, excluding the hallway in front of the main office.

East Lawrence High: Assigned hallways and restrooms. Students in the band room or gymnasium move to the gym basement, and students in the two exterior buildings move to the interior walls of the lowest point of the building. Students in the lunchroom go to the center of the building.

Hatton Elementary: Central hallways and interior restrooms.

Hatton High : Hallways in the main buildings. Students in the gymnasium move to the economics building.

Hazlewood Elementary: Interior hallways.

Hazlewood High: Interior hallway. Students in the gymnasium move inside the locker rooms.

Judy Jester Learning Center: Interior hallway. Students from the Center of Opportunity program in a portable building next door evacuate to the Learning Center.

Lawrence County High: Main building hallways. All students evacuate the gymnasium, band hall and portable classroom to the main building.

Moulton Elementary: Central hallways on the first floor. All students in exterior buildings, including the gymnasium and portable classrooms, move inside the main building.

Moulton Middle School: Interior hallways and classrooms in the main building. Students in the gymnasium or portable classroom move to the main building. Students on the south side of the sixth-grade building stay in their classrooms, while those on the north side move to the hallways.

  • Mount Hope School: Hallways and restrooms. If students in the gym have time to evacuate, they move to the main building. If not, they kneel inside the locker rooms.

    R.A. Hubbard High: Interior hallways in the main building.

    Speake School: Assigned interior hallways and restrooms. Students in the gymnasium move to the interior locker room. If students in the cafeteria have enough time, they move to the main building; if not, they move to the serving area.

    Kristen Bishop

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