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SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007

Morgan tornado drills
Tornado plans for Morgan County Schools

Brewer High School: Move downstairs to designated internal hallways.

Cotaco School: Go to interior halls, away from windows, which can be an issue since the school has many windows.

Danville High and Danville Middle schools: — Inside halls away from windows. Students in the gymnasium go to a hallway between the dressing rooms.

Danville-Neel: Inside hallways.

Eva School: Students in the metal vocational building and the gym go to a basement under the gym. In the main building, students go into the bottom floor corridor. Storage rooms are used. Those in the new band room and the elementary gym go into an interior hallway in the art building.

Falkville High: Center halls of the building. If they’re in the gym, students go to the halls around the gym. Students at lunch hide in the serving area. Students leave the band room and go to the main building.

Falkville Elementary: Students go to the senior building on the high school campus.

Lacey’s Spring: In the main building, elementary students go to the hallways. If students are in the gym, they move into the bathrooms. Students in the junior high building go to the restrooms or the smallest room possible. Students in the metal building go to the bottom floor of a two-story structure in the back of the school.

Priceville High: Students move to the hallways, restrooms or two storage closets on the northeast side of the school if possible.

Priceville Elementary: First-, second- and third-grades report to the library. Kindergarten is divided with three classes going into the boys’ restroom and three classes into the girls’ restroom. Fourth grade goes into the computer lab. Fifth-grade divides into two classes going into the library lab, one into the boys restroom and one into the girls restroom. There are two restrooms at the front of the library and two restrooms at the back of the library, all within the same block.

Ryan Junior High: Students use an established evacuation route from their classrooms to the basement.

Sparkman School: No one stays in the gym. Everyone leaves the old gym with its two classrooms for severely disabled students. Teachers move them to adaptive physical education room in the regular building. Students in the main building go to interior halls, but do not use the south hall. Students in this area use the restrooms for cover.

Union Hill School: Those in the two-story portion of the school go to the lower level that is under ground. Students in the one-story portion of the building go to secure areas in the halls.

West Morgan School: High school and middle school classes use the halls in the main building. Students in the science building go into a restroom. Those in the band room use inner storage and office rooms. Students in the vocational building and field house move to the main building. Everyone avoids main lobby and a hall known as “Sunshine Alley.”

West Morgan Elementary: Everyone goes to the hallways, except the one leading to the gym and cafeteria.

Ronnie Thomas

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