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Homosexuality is a choice, Daily poll says

By Steve Stewart ∑ 340-2444

Seven in 10 people answering an online poll say homosexuals choose to be homosexual.

"Do you think homosexuality is biological or a matter of individual choice?" the unscientific poll asked. It ran for two days, ending Friday, at www.

Of 646 respondents, 458 (70.9 percent) said it is a matter of choice; 188 said it is biological.

The question came up in light of an online column written by the Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., a Southern Baptist seminary president.

He said a biological basis for homosexuality may be proven, but prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation would be biblically justified.

Two readers e-mailed comments to The Daily, neither reflecting the majority opinion in the poll.

"Do those people who say it is a choice even know anyone who is gay?" asked Mary A. Axford of Atlanta. "I do, and they know quite well that it is biological. Those who do have a choice are bisexuals.

"To those who are heterosexual, and voting that sexual orientation is a choice, let me ask if you believe your sexual orientation is a choice.

"Many of those voting that sexual orientation is a choice believe that way because it is easier to justify the discrimination against gays and lesbians they feel their religion dictates. But let me say strongly, and clearly, that nothing gives you the right to dictate how gays and lesbians live their lives, or gives you the right to discriminate.

"Please ask yourselves how you would feel if being heterosexual were discriminated against. Please, please, think about how your views affect the lives of others."

Tim Guyse of Decatur said The Daily's poll left out an important option: "partly both."

"That would have been my answer and the answer anyone who agrees with Dr. Mohler would have picked," he wrote.

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